Wednesday Confession Time!!

Morning Everyone!

It's Wednesday and that means it is time for Confession!!


The Hump Day Blog Hop

I danced around like it was Christmas Morning when I saw this on my doorstep yesterday. My Mother's Day/ Anniversary gift from my husband. He rocks!

Yesterday I put up a bit of a pity party/ downer post. Monday was a rough one and it just seeped over into Tuesday morning. However you will be happy to know after my little bout of sadness I kicked my but into gear. I told myself "well seriously you aren't going to feel any better if you just sit around here!" so I got up, put the baby in the stroller and went for a walk. We ended up at the park and the whole day just turned around. Maybe all I needed was some sunshine. Either way back to normal today!

Slow internet UPSETS ME. 

I suck at updates on the blog. I have been wanting to make a new header and desperately need to make a button but...ugh.

We got Kyra's birthday party planned now! At the advice of you all I checked with the zoo and they did in fact have a birthday package. Now 25 people are completely covered getting into the zoo, we will  a space for the party for an hour. Also Kyra gets a craft, story time, carousel ride, and a special present from the zoo. All I have to do is show up. Stress level is now at a minimum!

Is it bad that when it comes to the idea of the upcoming trip with my friends I wanna be like...can we just go to the beach and like....drink and chill? Second option is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, because well, it is always an option.

So I have another You Tube video up. It's a makeup get ready with me thing. However I put it to you ladies, do you even like them? Is it something I should continue or should I stick with the blog? Would you rather see beauty or more motivational stuff? Let me know because honestly....I am kind of at a loss. I wanna do something fun and creative but if no one is going to watch then I will just stick to the blog which takes WAY less time! Also what face am I making in this thumbnail?!?

Tomorrow my mom and I are getting pedicures in prep for the wedding we are going to this weekend. Can you believe my mom has never had a pedicure before?! So excite!

Damn he is so sexy.....

We will just end the day on that happy note! Big hugs from here! Happy Confession Day!


  1. i love pedicures! they're so relaxing and i swear, the polish always lasts SO long; way longer than when i do it. have fun with your mom!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. yay to pedicures! i dont get them enough. have fun with your mom :) yes to hogwarts, i want to go there!!

  3. Love pedicures, theyre the most relaxing thing! Im glad you feel better too. Also I say do what you want beauty and motivational can both be on your blog. Its yous so do what you want with it girl Also as for the video, what kind of brush did you use for the concealer?

  4. Im glad that the day turned around for you sunshine really can make a world of difference :)

  5. I love getting pedicures- hope your mom enjoys and doesn't have ticklish feet!

  6. Your mom has never had a pedicure before?! As a runner I LOVE them, although secretly embarrassed because well...runner's


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