Confession Day: Movie Edition!

Morning Everyone!

It's Confession Day!!!

Vodka and Soda

Today I'm confessing that I am a movie the point that it is a bit of a problem. Well for other people not for me....I love it!

Here we go!

...I cry at movies. Like ugly cry. Especially children's movies. I spend a good portion of the sad parts of movies trying to hide how hard I am crying and trying not to sniffle.

...I usually end up reading the book before the movie and I just sit there judging the movie( Not out loud because that is just rude). I don't mean to do it but it just happens. The books are so much better.....

...If I see a movie once then I usually can quote it. It's a weird gift.

...If there are songs I will for sure know the song by the end of the movie. I have been singing the song from How To Train Your Dragon 2 since last Friday. Not even kidding. I know all the words.

...If a movie is dumb I have a hard time hiding that I don't like it. I try to so that others can enjoy the movie but don't be surprised if you look over and I am doing one of these...

...If I am having a bad day I will watch Harry Potter or Disney Movies. I don't care that I know all the words, I don't care that I have seen it a million times. I love them and I always will.

...Our movie collection in this house takes up an entire chest of drawers and the TV stand. Also I have them cataloged in an Excel Spreadsheet. 

...I also love horror/scary movies. I have no idea why but just enjoy being scared. Not really into the "slasher" ones though. I prefer a good ghost story. Although I loved Halloween. 

...If I really like a movie, I will play it to DEATH. (much like a song, but that is a whole other confessions post!) 


That's it for me today! Anyone else a certified Movie Addict? 

Big hugs from here! 


  1. Although I love movies, I havent seen a lot of good movies recently! My ex was an addict and so we used to I saw all the old classics because of him.

  2. Yes to ALL of the above...well minus the scary movies. I will watch them with other people & like getting scared but not if I have to be alone or stay at my house by myself lol.

  3. I am awful with movie quotes. I can never remember them or identify them. So bad!

  4. OMG I totally overplay all my favorite songs and when the radio is still playing them months later, I'm over it.
    Also, Disney Lovers UNITE!!! I joined the Disney Movie Club and now I have to stop myself from buying ALL.THE.THINGS on the website. Which is especially difficult when they email each month with their special offer.

  5. OMG yes to Disney movies!! And I toootally judge every movie and compare it to the book. It's just impossible not to!

  6. We have an entire wall in the living room that is ceiling to floor with DVDs my boyfriend is a movie hoarder LOL

  7. I'm exactly like you on the book thing - I rush to read it before the movie comes out and then sit there disappointed as I watch. I should probably do it in reverse, but I haven't yet. I also find happiness in HP and Disney movies and I will play my favorites (How to Train your Dragon and Pitch Perfect) over and over and over again and they don't get old. Loved HTTYD2!

  8. I love reading the books before watching the movies and I totally sit and judge the movie adaptions... lol

  9. oh, i can watch the same movie/tv show over and over again if i love it! i must have seen the breakfast club or die hard series a billion times and it never gets tired.

    thanks for linknig up!

  10. I was a huge movie addict before! These days I barely have time to shower so I haven't been able to watch much! I did watch Maleficent though and it was awesome!


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