Birthday at the Zoo!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am going to do a little recap of Kyra's 1st Birthday at the Kansas City Zoo!! Fair Warning this is PHOTO HEAVY!!!!

 Ready to start our Day! 

 My husband (left) and my brother in law (right)

Baby Loves Cupcakes!

 Go Tigers!!!

 "Daddy Look!"

 Some Extreme Closeups of sleepy Lions

Exhausted from all the fun! Time to go home! 

So we ended up spending about nine hours at the zoo on Sunday but it was totally worth it. I didn't get as many pictures as I would like but I got to see Kyra's reaction to all the animals and that was worth way more than seeing the pictures! I will remember how her little face lit up for the rest of forever. Her favorite by far was the Polar Bear who decided to come right up to the glass while she and I were standing there. I think my father in law got the picture but I don't have any images from his camera yet so that will have to wait! Either way it was an awesome moment!

The zoo party was a lot of fun and the kiddos seemed to enjoy the story time and the crafts. Kyra got all kinds of presents and let me tell you she is one spoiled little girl! In a good way of course! She did awesome through the whole day and slept SUPER well that night! All in all it was an awesome day!


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