Hot Mama Monday- Goal update 6/16

Good Morning Everyone!

This post is going up a little bit late because I was busy cleaning my basement out this morning and doing other necessary chores. However it is better late than never and it is time to do my weekly goal check in for Hot Mama Monday!!

So here were last week's goals:

1. Stick to my meal plan. No cheating. ~ Did pretty awesome with this. Had a small slip up on Wednesday night because I was really stressed and tired.
2. If a cheat does happen I will get back on track. No dwelling on the mess ups. It will happen occasionally, but I can bounce back right away. ~ Did great with this! My little slip up Wednesday night did not derail me from getting back on track immediately after!
3. 8 glasses of water a day~ No problem, did this one with ease!
4. 30 minutes of some sort of workout activity every day ~ Fail. I tried to be active but honestly I was running around just everywhere last week and then the puppies arrived so...yeah lots of reasons but still fail.
5. Log everything into MyFitnessPal every day. ~ SO CLOSE. I forgot to track it yesterday and ruined my streak! Back to tracking today! 

So that is the goal update! Not too shabby and resulted in a 2.4 pound loss for the week! 

I gotta admit I was sort of hoping for some sort of awesome number on the scale but can't be sad about any loss, even if it isn't the biggest one. I am trying to remember that as long as the scale is moving down then I am going in the right direction, no matter how fast it is moving! 

So here are the goals for this week: 

1) Continue to stick to my meal plan.

2) Track every day!

3) Up the water intake to a gallon a day!

4) 30 minutes of activity a day. 

5) Try to come up with smarter snack ideas so that the time between lunch and dinner is not miserable! (this was my issue and ended with the slip up on Wednesday!) 

 So there they are! 

Any goals for your week? Anyone have a spectacular weight loss this past week? Let me hear from ya!

Big hugs from here! Have a great Monday!  


  1. My goal is just to exercise this week at all! I mean last week was a bust. Love your goals and you can do it!!


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