Hot Mama Monday~ Goal Update and Some Motivation

Good Morning Everyone,

It's that time again....

Here were the goals from last week:

1) Continue to stick to my meal plan. ~ Not so great on this one. I was gone a lot last week and thus some fast food was involved. Not a lot but

2) Track every day!~ Epic Fail....I think I tracked one day? Boo again.

3) Up the water intake to a gallon a day!~ This was not quite met but I drank at least 8 glasses so not a total fail. It was so hot that really this wasn't much of an effort.

4) 30 minutes of activity a day.~ Nope.

5) Try to come up with smarter snack ideas so that the time between lunch and dinner is not miserable! (this was my issue and ended with the slip up on Wednesday!) ~ I have some ideas but honestly I didn't "apply" any of my ideas. Fail again. 

So as you can was a rough week. I could make excuses. I could dwell on it. However I choose not to, instead I choose to be happy and see today for what it is, A Fresh Start. 

Goals for this week, Same as last week with one different one:

1) Continue to stick to my meal plan.

2) Track every day!

3) Up the water intake to a gallon a day!

4) 30 minutes of activity a day. 

5) Forgive myself for last week. Do not dwell on it. Past is behind you. Learn from it. 

And now for a little Motivation!

Inspiring Love Life Wise Quotes: Motivational-Life quote
when you think about quitting 

focus on what you want your life to look like -- not just your body.

Big Hugs from here, It's a New Week! 


  1. Love your goals. I missed doing mine yesterday! I also need to up my water intake. I barely drink any and thats really not good!


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