Friday Five 6/20/14

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday!!!!


Time for the Friday Favorites!

Got a Mani/Pedi on Tuesday and I am IN LOVE with the color I chose for my toes! It is China Glaze "That's Shore Bright" !!

                                             China Glaze THATS SHORE BRIGHT
(Pic is from Pinterest)

Also on Tuesday (it was a very busy day) I got a new phone! Traded in my old phone for a smart phone! I'm in love....and also have wasted a lot of time on ringtones and looking for the perfect case....seriously it is becoming a problem.

                                                        Photo: Joined the twentieth have a smart phone. It's Pink!
My parents got Kyra this adorable bright pink baby grand piano. I adore it, it actually plays and I think I might have a budding musician! I play the piano so it will be fun to teach her on this mini one!

I've been a reading maniac this week. My house may or may not be slightly a wreck because of it but honestly I don't care! I finished two books yesterday.

Killing Cupid is a Cozy Mystery. Sure it has murder, but not like...scary murder. Also lots of hilarious antics from the cast of characters. This is part of the Jaine Austen Series. Love the whole series. If you need fun beach reads these are it!
Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service is just your general chic lit...but for the dog obsessed. Which I am. It was adorably cute and a very quick read.

The puppies. Oh the puppies are so cute! They are getting all roly poly and their markings are really starting to show!

A/C....seriously I hate summer.

This is now my motto...

Eight...Next Mani?
Best Panda Bear Nails

Coco Chanel

This sign sums me up perfectly. 

                                                     drunk on books

That's it for me this week! Happy Friday my Lovelies! See you all Monday! 

(BTW some of my pics are off center. I have no idea why. No amount of fiddling with the blog seems to help so please forgive me!)


  1. Hello from the link up! I'm in love with that purple polish...that is seriously one of my favorite shades of purple ever! I am cohosting a book club link up this summer so if you like to read maybe you could join us? Adorable pictures of the puppies heart is melting!

    Have a great weekend - xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness those puppies!!! And that pink piano is beyond adorable! I'll have to check out that shade of purple for my next pedi I think!! So cute!!

  3. Oh I love that colour and I actually have a lot of china glaze polishes. And how cute are those puppies!! Are you going to keep them all?? So cute!


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