Little things that Make Me....Me post

Good Morning Everyone,

So today I thought I would be lazy and copy a post I saw over on Brittney's blog yesterday! Also it was a really hilarious and awesome post so I wanted to do it anyhow! 

Basically it is a list of things that make! I call it the quirky girl post because you know....everyone has those weird quirks that make them who they are! This is what makes! 

1) My brothers actually coined this one. Apparently when I am irritated or just SO. DONE. I do a triple blink. I say nothing, just triple blink at them. They call me out on it all the time. I had no idea that I do it, but apparently it is something I do often enough that they coined a name for it!

2) I turn literally EVERYTHING into a song. Not even kidding. Everything. I actually have a song about for Taco Bell and how my husband always orders everything "lettuce free". Really I have a whole song about it. It is to the tune "Let It Be". Why??? I have no idea just seemed like a good idea at the time.

3) I listen to audio books every night. I mean EVERY NIGHT. I cannot sleep without one going. This has been going on since I was in Junior High. In college I always had headphones and my CD player handy (see how old I am? CD PLAYER) and listened. I once told my best friend. "Dude you can keep talking if you want to, but I'm going to listen to the Hobbit."
4) I used to "group" colors together. Like red with blue and black with purple and green with yellow. Because they were "dating". Also sometimes blue liked being with purple and green had a major crush on red but get the point. I'm crazy.
5) Along that same line....I eat my M&Ms by color. I separate them first and then eat the more "boring" colors first saving the best for last. Blue in a normal bag. Lavender in an Easter one.

6) I also WILL NOT drink the last of the ice tea in the pitcher.  I am terrified it will have little "floaty" things in it which I call "dredges". Will not do it.

7) My husband informed me this is a quirk but I think he just thinks it is gross and wants someone else to say so...but I mush my ice cream and cake together. Like mix and mush it until it is all combined in a sort of ice cream/cake soup and eat it with a spoon. Is this weird? My family does it so it doesn't seem weird to me....

8) I can sing the Alphabet backwards. Even drunk.

9) I do not whistle at night. Even to call the dogs in. Superstition.  

10) I hate June bugs. For real. They freak me out something awful. Will not go into a room if they are in there. Will Run and hide.

So there you have it! Now if you are not quickly clicking the X button to get away from my page then I invite you all to join in and add your own quirks! Maybe you are just as weird as me! (Ha ha)

Have a great day lovelies, Tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out lovely!
    Mixing the cake and ice cream actually sounds good to me...thats weird..yeah definitely!
    OMG the floaters in the tea EW nope going down the drain!

  2. haha I can turn everything into a song as well! Loving that you triple blink, my sister does that!


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