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Good Morning Everyone!

It's Wednesday and that means it is Confession Day!!

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This has been like the most crazy couple of weeks. Between birthdays and planning and household has just been madness. I am not kidding when I say that I will be so relieved once things calm down again....

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it though some of you will have a fit, but I am OVER summer time. I hate the heat. I hate the humidity and I want my cold temps back again. Seriously, just send me to Antarctica, anything to be away from the heat....

I kinda suck at planning things. I start to do something and then don't finish because of distractions and whatnot. This birthday planning business is tough and even though I am so excited that everything is working out and Kyra is going to have an awesome first birthday, this is exhausting. However I will be so happy to see her little face when we go to the zoo on Sunday!

I keep meaning to work on my YouTube reviews/favorites videos but won't film until things 1. calm down and 2. I get my eye brows done. Honestly the eyebrows are the biggest issue. I have to get them done today because I do not....

I love thrifty shopping. Seriously I have looked at my receipt from the K-mart like fifty times. I got eye shadow for 29 cents! I got an entire winter wardrobe for Kyra for under 15 bucks! Seriously I have been searching for other store closings because that was boss.

Okay some short confessions this week because I am already late for running out the door to get Kyra to story time and I am going to pick up my Mum so she can go with us. Then I have to work on the blog post for tomorrow because tomorrow is Kyra's 1st Birthday!!!!!

See you all tomorrow!!


  1. girl dont even talk to me about eyebrows because if i don't handle that shit on the daily, i'll look like i have 2 caterpillars chilling on my forehead. no joke. so i feel you!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Now that's bargain hunting that I can get behind!


  3. I feel ya on the eye brows like if mine start looking ratchet I will pull them out with my fingernails before you catch me behind camera! No beuno!

  4. HAHA that is so me with the eyebrows sometimes. I just got mine waxed when they were all sorts of messed up for about 2 weeks before that!

  5. OMG WINTER PLEASE COME BACK!!! I completely agree. I'd rather put on 9 million layers of clothes than sweat and not be able to take off anymore layers.

    And I'm still not sure why girls can't take off their shirts like guys do. Bullshit.

  6. As a Chicagoan, I need this summer to last for a few extra months haha. But I seriously need to super coupon more with my shopaholic ways hahaha.


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