Friday Favorites~ Mini Birthday Edition

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Friday!

It is time for Friday Favorites and I do have a few but be warned most of them are from yesterday from Kyra's 1st birthday mini celebration. Her full birthday party is this Sunday but my parents and I took her to the aquarium yesterday and I thought I would share those pics! Here we go!

 (Kyra and her Pop Pop)
(Kyra and Mommy, also a Stingray in the background)

(Lion Fish)

 (Sea Turtle)
 (Sea Horse...he was posing for me)
(Yes that is cake shaped like a rose. Beautiful.)

(Messy Cake Face)

Additional Favorites: 

When the movie Maleficent comes out on DVD I will be having a watch party and it will look like this (well...sort of LOL).....
To celebrate the new Disney movie, Maleficent! LOVE this look — would translate so well for Halloween!

I need these shoes to be in my closet now.......
Gorgeous Blue Leather High Heel Shoes

A vanity that every makeup addict needs.....
White dressing table affordable . Multipurpose. Bedside table. Ikea bedroom organization. Makeup vanity

....This is the story of my life.....

Okay that is it all! Happy Friday to you and see you all back here Monday! I will most likely be ready to post the big recap of the birthday celebration on Tuesday because well....I predict Monday I will be exhausted! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That last ecard is the story of my life! I am a makeup addict and you are right I need that vanity!! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. awww looks like fun I want to take my kids to the aquarium in GA soon!

  3. Party looks fun. Also I want to see Maleficient toooo!


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