Wednesday Confession Day!!

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Confession day and it is time for the weekly link up to spill your secrets all over the place!!

Vodka and Soda

So here are my confessions this week!

....I totally bailed on my workout yesterday because my dog went into labor.....the puppies are here!!!
It is dark, I know, but there are ten puppies there!

....I am starting to block/drop people from my stupid Facebook (which honestly I hate having but use to keep in touch with family) because of the idiotic game requests. Seriously if I didn't accept the first time why would you think I would the ninth? Here is my answer to all game requests.....

...I saw a YouTube video of a new hot makeup "must have" for cleaning your brushes. It's like 17 bucks and I can DIY it for less than three bucks. Seriously sometimes I just cannot believe the stuff they try to sell us as "must haves"

...Today is Story Time at my local library and I have been taking Kyra for the past couple of weeks. I always dress nice and make sure that Kyra looks nice because it is like my big "Social" event of the week. Gotta look hot!

...I kinda bailed on housework yesterday because I started a new book series and thus ignored everything except my daughter. The minute she was down for a nap I was curled up and lost in the new world. So when the hubs came home and saw the house was still a bit of a wreck I was just like....

....Confession day is my favorite day of the week. I get so excited reading everyone's confessions from the linkup, I have to tell my husband to leave me alone so that I can laugh until I cry and feel validated by all you other ladies out there that have the same crazy issues as me!


....I did some blog updates earlier this week and seriously it was so much work just trying to get things going. The changes are so small but my perfectionist voice in my head just wouldn't let things be so it ended up taking WAY longer than I wanted but in the end I was satisfied!

So those are the confessions for the week! Make sure to join the linkup so that I can read your confessions too!! Also yes I realize this was a Supernatural/Dean Winchester heavy gif day but I do not care because Supernatural is Awesome and Dean is the best!


  1. haha I used to do that too when I was a stay at home mom. Reading is more fun than cleaning!

  2. I've always blocked ALL game requests and if it's a particular person sending me several requests, I'll just block them. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    I've spent the morning reading confessions at work... that's at least 3 hours. I've done a minimal amount of work in that time. WORTH IT.

  3. What new book series did you start? I just finished a book yesterday so need to start something new!

  4. PUPPIES!!!! post more pics please1

  5. i tried watching supernatural and couldn't even get past the first episode, esp when i saw the wife on the freaking ceiling!! that's when i shut down the tablet, said "NOPE!" out loud because i was home alone.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. GAH those game requests are enough to quit Facebook alone. Not to mention all the stupid "feel sorry for my life" statuses. Congrats on the puppies though!!! 10 is a lot!! :)


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