Recap Madness

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Okay so this is going to be a quick post because the baby is asleep and I am trying to get caught up on housework and essentials today since it has been so crazy lately!

Basically the end of May and beginning of June is a really busy time of the year for our family. Tons of birthdays and family get togetherness!

Spent the morning get the house in order because my MIL was coming up early in the morning and then everyone else was coming over that afternoon because my BIL's birthday was the 29th and we were celebrating. The morning was spent at garage sales just looking. Did get Kyra a couple cute outfits but other than that not much to see. The afternoon was spent grilling, laughing, and celebrating. SO MUCH FOOD. It was a really great day and the evening was spent proving that we are terrible human beings while playing this game.....

If you have not played you for sure should. Hilarious. Wrong. You will learn things about yourself and other people that most likely you should never know....awesome.

Sunday morning was spent pretty mellow at first. Watched a movie on HBO "The Purge". It was a great concept for a movie but honestly it fell a bit short in the story line. There was so much potential! WASTED. Honestly I would write a fanfic exploiting the plot line to make it better but I really don't have that kind of time. It was a bad movie by any means but it seemed like they missed out on some really great scares/thriller moments.


After the movie we got a call from my other MIL and she told us that a local K-Mart was shutting down and everything in the store was 90-95% off. So we headed out there. Honestly by the time we got there it was pretty picked over. I did manage to score some stuff however and by the time we checked out we saved over 200 dollars on stuff. Clothes mostly but also some makeup items. If you wanna see what we got let me know in the comments, would be happy to do a video or post about it!

After standing in the epic line at the store we went to a birthday party for my cousin's twin girls. They turned 16 and we had another cookout. We didn't stay too long because by then Kyra was really tired and it was SO HOT.

After we left my Mum offered to watch the baby so that my husband and I could go to Sam's Club to pick up diapers, wipes, etc and also to see the new movie Maleficent. Sleepy Beauty is my favorite Disney movie and my parents had already seen the movie and mom knew I would love Maleficent. So after getting refreshed at the house we dropped off the baby and went out.

The movie was AH-MAZING. Seriously it was so beautifully done and any doubts about Angelina being able to pull off such an iconic villain was put to rest. I adored the movie and watch to watch it so many more times. Will be purchasing!

So that was the recap of the weekend. It is going to be another really busy week this week, with Kyra's 1st birthday coming up and just general madness that is summertime! I will try to work on the rest of my posts for the week tonight and possibly do a couple of videos as well!

Hugs from here! 


  1. I so want to see Maleficient! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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