Friday Favorites- Friday the 13th Edition!

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Friday! Happy Friday the 13th! Are you Superstitious? I'm not so much, most of my Friday the 13ths are pretty uneventful. Still, there is a full moon tonight so you just never know! (I'm kidding of course)

So on to the Friday Favorites!!!

1) Puppies! If you saw my post on Wednesday you would know that my dog Luna had 10 puppies on Tuesday night! All the puppies are doing well and so is Luna. She is a great Mommy! Second Picture is the father of the pups, Archer.

2) Roses from my Mum's garden.

3) Wall Flowers from Bath and Body works. (It's the Semi Annual Sale right now!)
Mahogany Teakwood Wallflowers 2-Pack Refills - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

4) Starbucks Caffe Espresso Frappucino. I normally don't do Starbucks, it is too expensive for me normally. (I mean seriously? It's coffee.) However my Mum and I were at B&N yesterday and we decided to get the new Frappucino on a whim and it was DELICIOUS. Will be attempting to make at home!

5) This movie came out today and I want to see it SO BAD. I am such a kid.

6) This super cute purse I got at Gordmans!

7) Also these adorable wedges! Gordmans again!

8)These awesome chrome polishes.
I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes. This is all 4 colors: (L to R) My Little Glacier, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop, and Mutagen

9) This awesome Harry Potter Glass.
Sample of Custom Order  Harry Potter Wine Glass by AGlassofClass

10)This book series that I started last week and now am in love with!!

Okay that is it for me today! I've got a full house with the pups and the baby (who has a cold and is not feeling all that well :( ) So I'm out of here! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. OMG I want starbucks SOOOO bad... I havent had coffee in a week. Im in a food challenge with the bf Im ready to win already so I can have some coffee.

  2. That coffee looks amazing especially after the day I have had!

  3. The chrome polishes are gorgeous and yay for more puppy pics. They are still tiny but I imagine they will be so cute when big. Thats a large litter as well!


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