I'm the Kinda Girl Who....

Good Morning Everyone, 

I saw this post over on Steph's blog a few weeks back and I thought...that is awesome. Thus I decided to copy borrow the post and share a little bit about myself with you all! 

-has trouble making friends but will always show up for someone 

-gets overly excited about things I like

-swears a lot on my own but have a sudden filter on when around strangers/my parents

-avoids confrontation at all costs. I'm not going to fight with you unless pushed to the limit. 

-cannot make small talk but can have really deep conversations

-usually knows what you are feeling before you even say a word

-who in theory wants to be a planner/organizer type but really is a chaotic last minute mess

-won't let a limb hang over the edge of the bed because it WILL get eaten off

-has houseplants that I hate...yet they continue to live on...

-loves high heels but lives in flip flops. 

-wears socks inside out, unless they have a cute picture on them.

-will start a journal on page 2 because page 1 is too much pressure. Seriously. 

So tell me....what kinda girl or boy...are you?


  1. I saw Steph's post, and I enjoyed yours as well. I think you've come up with a pretty great list to give us a glimpse into your headspace. I totally curse like a sailor around some people, then filter myself around others. I still have a difficult time cursing when writing my blog, although I want to because they give such great emphasis, but I know my father reads my blog :)

  2. hehe loved reading this about you. some of them were too cute. i want to be that fancy planner girl but it's just not happening! and yes, no limbs over the bed!

  3. Page one is a lot of pressure, isn't it?

    LOL @ socks on inside out.

  4. My limbs have to be on the bed too! Some days my feet also have to be under the sheet or blankets...but sometimes if it's too hot I'll let them stick out.

  5. My socks don't have to match, but they have to at least feel the same to my feet. I've bought my daughter packages of 10 socks - not 5 pairs! I occasionally have limbs hanging off the bed - usually my hand will either be grasping the headboard or laying on the windowsill. And the only part of me I NEED covered up is my butt.

    And those hated plants will NEVER die!

  6. I'm stealing the shit out of this. I'm super pumped. I even made a silly/ridiculous photo for the post. It's going to be LEGEND......wait for it... ARY. :)


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