Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites~ Nerdy Girl Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Friday!

Time for Friday Favorites!

I found a few new online stores and a lot of their items ended up on the favorites this week!

I think I need these iPhone covers....SO CUTE.
"Panda Bums" Cell Phone Case (4/4S, 5/5S, 5C, S4) / Steppie Clothing"Panda Face" Cell Phone Case (4/4S, 5/5S, 5C, S4) / Steppie Clothing

More Pandas...of course....
Panda Face / Nerdy Panda Ceramic Soup Mug (White) / Steppie Clothing

 I also need this if I don't have enough....
I'm reading

I also really love these leggings from Black Milk Clothing. Mermaid Scales!!! (seriously I love this whole site!!)

 I've explained my love for Supernatural before...but this gif.....SO CUTE. (This is Castiel btw)
little animated cas

And along that trail of thought...this is also adorable...
 MISHA's minion tank top , Supernatural , Castiel t-shirt. $20.00, via Etsy. someone buy me this!
I Heart Supernatural....
 That's the best gif ever!!!

 I will never have this talent but these nails....WANT...
Instagram photo by coewless #nail #nails #nailart
Kyra got this car from my in-laws. ADORABLE. 

This sums up my summer....

Pusheen!!! This is me!

 I miss Buffy.....I love this....
Keep Calm  - Joss Whedon Inspired

 And finally....this.
Also for fun I thought I would join up in Whitney's Linkup and share with you all the song I've been rocking out to this week! 


 Happy Friday Lovelies! Enjoy your weekend!

Big hugs from here!
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little things that Make Me....Me post

Good Morning Everyone,

So today I thought I would be lazy and copy a post I saw over on Brittney's blog yesterday! Also it was a really hilarious and awesome post so I wanted to do it anyhow! 

Basically it is a list of things that make! I call it the quirky girl post because you know....everyone has those weird quirks that make them who they are! This is what makes! 

1) My brothers actually coined this one. Apparently when I am irritated or just SO. DONE. I do a triple blink. I say nothing, just triple blink at them. They call me out on it all the time. I had no idea that I do it, but apparently it is something I do often enough that they coined a name for it!

2) I turn literally EVERYTHING into a song. Not even kidding. Everything. I actually have a song about for Taco Bell and how my husband always orders everything "lettuce free". Really I have a whole song about it. It is to the tune "Let It Be". Why??? I have no idea just seemed like a good idea at the time.

3) I listen to audio books every night. I mean EVERY NIGHT. I cannot sleep without one going. This has been going on since I was in Junior High. In college I always had headphones and my CD player handy (see how old I am? CD PLAYER) and listened. I once told my best friend. "Dude you can keep talking if you want to, but I'm going to listen to the Hobbit."
4) I used to "group" colors together. Like red with blue and black with purple and green with yellow. Because they were "dating". Also sometimes blue liked being with purple and green had a major crush on red but get the point. I'm crazy.
5) Along that same line....I eat my M&Ms by color. I separate them first and then eat the more "boring" colors first saving the best for last. Blue in a normal bag. Lavender in an Easter one.

6) I also WILL NOT drink the last of the ice tea in the pitcher.  I am terrified it will have little "floaty" things in it which I call "dredges". Will not do it.

7) My husband informed me this is a quirk but I think he just thinks it is gross and wants someone else to say so...but I mush my ice cream and cake together. Like mix and mush it until it is all combined in a sort of ice cream/cake soup and eat it with a spoon. Is this weird? My family does it so it doesn't seem weird to me....

8) I can sing the Alphabet backwards. Even drunk.

9) I do not whistle at night. Even to call the dogs in. Superstition.  

10) I hate June bugs. For real. They freak me out something awful. Will not go into a room if they are in there. Will Run and hide.

So there you have it! Now if you are not quickly clicking the X button to get away from my page then I invite you all to join in and add your own quirks! Maybe you are just as weird as me! (Ha ha)

Have a great day lovelies, Tomorrow is Friday!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Confessions 6/24

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Wednesday and you know what that means....

Vodka and Soda

...I've been riding the pre "Moon Sickness" crazy train. I've been bouncing from Happy to Crazy in less time than it takes to blink. I'd apologize to my poor husband....if he weren't so annoying.
Ha love it!

...No matter how many times I have read the books or seen the movies I still bawl like a baby during the sad parts of Harry Potter. The hubs and I watched the last two movies the other day and seriously just buckets and buckets of tears. I love you Harry.

...I never expected to be one of those people that want Starbucks all the time but damnit I cannot go into Target without wanting my Caffe Espresso Frappucino. I do not understand why it is so addicting, but...

....I spent yesterday curled up on the couch with Kyra listening to my newest audio book and practicing my knitting. I lead a very crazy lifestyle.

....This is how I feel when I think about putting on a swim suit at any point during this summer...
Story of my life.

... I saw these and immediately thought "COSPLAY!!!!" Because I am a Nerd.
Gorgeous green Nicholas Kirkwood ivy heels

...I open my Facebook news feed and see a post on the new "C-String" (You can google it if you wanna, I'm not putting that on my page) and all I can think is.....ew
Raise your hand if "ew"

Okay so those are the confessions this week! Make sure you join the linkup for more 'fess up goodness!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hot Mama Monday~ Goal Update and Some Motivation

Good Morning Everyone,

It's that time again....

Here were the goals from last week:

1) Continue to stick to my meal plan. ~ Not so great on this one. I was gone a lot last week and thus some fast food was involved. Not a lot but

2) Track every day!~ Epic Fail....I think I tracked one day? Boo again.

3) Up the water intake to a gallon a day!~ This was not quite met but I drank at least 8 glasses so not a total fail. It was so hot that really this wasn't much of an effort.

4) 30 minutes of activity a day.~ Nope.

5) Try to come up with smarter snack ideas so that the time between lunch and dinner is not miserable! (this was my issue and ended with the slip up on Wednesday!) ~ I have some ideas but honestly I didn't "apply" any of my ideas. Fail again. 

So as you can was a rough week. I could make excuses. I could dwell on it. However I choose not to, instead I choose to be happy and see today for what it is, A Fresh Start. 

Goals for this week, Same as last week with one different one:

1) Continue to stick to my meal plan.

2) Track every day!

3) Up the water intake to a gallon a day!

4) 30 minutes of activity a day. 

5) Forgive myself for last week. Do not dwell on it. Past is behind you. Learn from it. 

And now for a little Motivation!

Inspiring Love Life Wise Quotes: Motivational-Life quote
when you think about quitting 

focus on what you want your life to look like -- not just your body.

Big Hugs from here, It's a New Week! 
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five 6/20/14

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday!!!!


Time for the Friday Favorites!

Got a Mani/Pedi on Tuesday and I am IN LOVE with the color I chose for my toes! It is China Glaze "That's Shore Bright" !!

                                             China Glaze THATS SHORE BRIGHT
(Pic is from Pinterest)

Also on Tuesday (it was a very busy day) I got a new phone! Traded in my old phone for a smart phone! I'm in love....and also have wasted a lot of time on ringtones and looking for the perfect case....seriously it is becoming a problem.

                                                        Photo: Joined the twentieth have a smart phone. It's Pink!
My parents got Kyra this adorable bright pink baby grand piano. I adore it, it actually plays and I think I might have a budding musician! I play the piano so it will be fun to teach her on this mini one!

I've been a reading maniac this week. My house may or may not be slightly a wreck because of it but honestly I don't care! I finished two books yesterday.

Killing Cupid is a Cozy Mystery. Sure it has murder, but not like...scary murder. Also lots of hilarious antics from the cast of characters. This is part of the Jaine Austen Series. Love the whole series. If you need fun beach reads these are it!
Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service is just your general chic lit...but for the dog obsessed. Which I am. It was adorably cute and a very quick read.

The puppies. Oh the puppies are so cute! They are getting all roly poly and their markings are really starting to show!

A/C....seriously I hate summer.

This is now my motto...

Eight...Next Mani?
Best Panda Bear Nails

Coco Chanel

This sign sums me up perfectly. 

                                                     drunk on books

That's it for me this week! Happy Friday my Lovelies! See you all Monday! 

(BTW some of my pics are off center. I have no idea why. No amount of fiddling with the blog seems to help so please forgive me!)
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ulta and T.J. Maxx Haul!

Good Morning Everyone!

The other day I had mentioned that I had gotten some really great deals lately and asked if you wanted to see a Haul Post! The answer was yes, so here you go! I got some really great stuff ladies!! 

First Up we will do the T. J. Maxx Haul because it wasn't nearly as big as my Ulta one!!

e.l.f. Liner in Charcoal Grey
I meant to get black but grabbed the wrong one. I like it though so I am keeping it. 
Retails at e.l.f. for $3
T. J. Maxx $2

Julep Nail polish (in order) Bess, Drew, Alice, and Angela
Retail at Julep- $14 (Unless you are a Maven then it is $11.40)
T. J. Maxx- $4.99
(pic for proof!)

Seriously you can't beat those prices! You have to dig through a lot to find them but these were worth it since I don't own ANY Julep polish!!

Now it is time for my Ulta Haul!!! 

First up- The Too Faced Romantic Eyes Pallet

 I had seen one of my favorite YouTube gurus post about this pallet and have been wanting it ever since! The colors are beautiful and so pigmented!! Also I am a sucker for cute packaging! I am going to love using this one! 

Next up is a freebie that came with the Too Faced Pallet! The awesome smelling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer! 

Now this is a pretty small sample but I am eager to try it out as I have never been able to take the plunge and get a $20 dollar bronzer, but now that I have the sample I plan to make good use of it! It really does smell like Milk Chocolate!!! 

Now for some Nyx Items!

I only recently fell in love with Nyx Products staring off with their butter glosses but it inspired me to try more items from the line! They are considered a "Drug Store" brand but none of my drug stores carry it locally. You can get it at Target as well but my closest Target only just started carrying the butter glosses so it is not a brand I've really come to consider "Drug Store" but the prices are MUCH less than the High end stuff!

First up an eye shadow base! 

Now I have been addicted to shadow primer for a long time and Urban Decay has been my holy grail but I had heard great things about this one so I decided it was time to give it a whirl! I got the Skin Tone Shade.

Second we have an eye liner. 

Now I had seen a lot of girls using white liner in their water line to really make your eyes pop. I have pretty small eyes so this really appealed to me! Ready to try it out! 

Third we have a lip product. Seriously lip products are my weakness.....I just can't say no! 

This is the color Shocking Pink and I have to say....I'm in love. I wore this yesterday and it is the perfect bright pink for summer! Love it....may need four or five backups.....

Now because I had coupons, promotion codes, and email offers I was able to snag this stuff for buy one get one 50% off! To add a bonus to it, they threw in a special offer Nyx Gift bag that had MORE products!! FOR FREE! 

Here's what I scored! 

First a gorgeous blush!

This mosaic blush is beautiful but when swirled together makes a color so summery and gorgeous...ugh I just love it! Wore it yesterday, will most likely be my blush of the summer! 

Second a mascara!

I have never tried a Nyx mascara before but I am always game for a new mascara! Will try this baby out...if I can pry my Miss Manga out of my hands first! 

Third a pallet!

How awesome is it that a whole pallet got sent to me for Free??? I am loving the colors and will be using this one soon!! 

And Finally a lip product!

This is the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color Istanbul. It is a pinky nude color and I think I will enjoy it. Especially for the "No Makeup" Makeup days when I am just running errands! 

Okay so that was my super awesome haul! I cannot wait to try all these products out! If you wanna see any swatches or looks that I do with the pallets let me know! Also if you have done any HAULS lately let me know! I love to see what other people pick out!!

Big Hugs from here! Happy Thursday!

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