Easy Spiderman String Art Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you the Tutorial for the Awesome Spider-Man String Art that I made for my husband for our anniversary! 

Step 1: I got my brother in law to cut up some wood into a 12x12 square. Then after a bit of sanding it was time for primer. 

Step 2: Since this is a Spider-man piece the main color is going to be red. I picked Spider-man because he is my husband's favorite.

Step 3: I had my Dad print off the Spider-man image so that it would be the correct size (he has the better printer) and then we mapped out the webbing. My Dad did do the webbing because he has far more talent with a brush than I do! You can see here that the spider is just the cut out from the original image. We wanted to center him as much as possible!

Step 4: Time for the spider! I chose black because it stood out against the grey really well and thought it would make a good shadow effect for the string. 

Step 5: Nailed It! I kind of just free handed this. I tried to make the nails even on each side and I did use one of Kyra's toys for the spacing. (It was what I had available at the time) I used the gold nails because they were picking up the red nicely. 

Step 6: String! I decided to go minimal and just do the outline. It looked a lot cleaner and honestly I just preferred it that way. 

This was a really fun project and my husband was SO excited and surprised by this gift. It meant a lot to him since it was homemade and because it was something different. Now he says he wants a whole set of superheroes! 

What do you all think? Simple enough? What superhero would you do? Or are your more into villains? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. You are talented girlie! This is such a cool idea. Pinning :)


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