Confessions: Mommy Edition

Good Morning Everyone, 

In light of this Sunday being Mother's Day I thought I would share some of my "Mommy Confessions" with you today! 

I confess that I had NO CLUE what I was getting into when I became a Mommy. Seriously I thought so many things and believed I would do so many things....I was utterly clueless. 

I confess that there are days when I legit feel like I am a Mommy to both my husband and my daughter. It's like once you become Mommy EVERYONE expects you to do EVERYTHING.

I confess that when people give me unsolicited parenting advice (strangers!) that I immediately go to resting bitch face.

I confess that I was really excited when I found out we were having a girl but honestly I felt that we were going to the whole time. I never told anyone that I had just had a feeling about a month in that it was going to be a girl. 

I confess that breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life...and I never felt like more of a failure than when I couldn't make it work and we had to switch to formula because she wasn't getting enough to eat. 

I confess that I have totally eaten the leftover chicken nuggets from lunchtime, while standing at the sink in the kitchen, with the secrecy and speed of a secret agent. 

I confess I also have to be a ninja when it comes to smuggling broken crayons into the trash. Hell has no fury like a kiddo spotting you throwing something of theirs out! 

I confess that for all my faults, for all the moments of insecurity or fatigue, being a Mommy is the absolute best thing in the world for me. I love Kyra more than I ever thought was possible and though I'm not a perfect Mommy...I'm a damn good one! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Be sure to join the linkup! 

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  1. sometimes I feel like a mom to everyone (my dog and my boyfriend) and I don't even have kids. That's hard enough as it is, so kudos to you and all the moms out there!


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