Confessions of an Introvert

Good Morning Everyone,

Today's confessions are going to be a bit different. Today I'm going to confess my introverted secrets.

Here we go:

I confess that I avoid certain things because I become overly obsessed with them. I'm talking TV series, book series, games....once I latch on to something I give my absolute full attention to it and neglect everything else in my life. Thus I try to be very particular about the things I allow myself to get into.

I confess that I have to have DAYS after a party/social event to recharge properly. This is getting slightly better now that I have Kyra and I have to be attentive at all times but it also means that I feel pretty drained most of the time.

I confess that I like being around people and I love my friends but I am not always up for socializing.

I confess that I avoid Reality TV shows most of the time because I feel all of the tension and anxiety from the shouting and hostility.

I screen my calls and will always choose texting if it is an option. I hate answering the phone and at times it can actually give me a panic attack.

I confess to spending a lot of time in my own thoughts. I just can't help it.

I confess that being a Mom has been a struggle with my introverted self. I need space and time alone. I need quiet and time for my own thoughts and head space. Thankfully I have you all and the blog so I have the chance to decompress and express my feelings in a quiet and thoughtful way. 

Would you all be interested in more introverted confessions? I have actually been working on a Meyers-Briggs personality post but have been putting it off....I'm testing the waters with this one first! 

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  1. Yup - the introvert mom struggle is real - I use my blog for the same thing.... First time here, how old is your kid? I have an 8yr old son.
    Found you through the linkup - Can't wait to read more.

  2. I'm a mix of intro extro, I think most of us are, but I identify more with the intro part of me!

    I like thinking about this sort of stuff.

  3. I always feel uncomfortable with reality shows too! ESPECIALLY with all the shouting. even though shouting is my normal volume? also I definitely latch on to tv shows and book characters, I feel like I have to know how their story ends, and I get really frustrated when they don't...

  4. I will ALWAYS choose texting as the #1 option. I know it's bad and a sign of our technology overload..but I just can't. Happy to discover you through the linkup!

  5. i don't know if i'm an introvert 100% but i certainly have introvert tendencies. i definitely choose texting if i can help it, and any show where people are catty (reality or gossip girl) make me so uncomfortable and i swear they make me act differently. and i'm the same with #1. there is a book series i've been meaning to start but the books are really long and there are a lot of them, so i'm waiting to start because i know i'll be totally obsessed lol

  6. Im not always up for socialising haha and I'm not even an introvert so don't worry yourself too much about that! I love reality shows though. Im a sucker for ratchet tv!


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