Catching Up

Good Morning Everyone,

So I took a couple days off from the blog. It wasn't really intentional and I wasn't overly busy...I think perhaps I just needed to step back and breathe for a moment. I am really glad that I did because it gave me a chance to journal a bit and I actually planned out a couple future posts! Sometimes you just need a break!

Today I'm just going to give you the highlights from the past week because it is Monday and who wants to do any heavy reading on a Monday? Nope. 

Here we go: 

My husband loved his anniversary gift. He actually was thrilled it was a homemade gift! I will have a DIY up tomorrow! 

My anniversary gift was awesome too! Chocolates and a gift card for makeup! This man knows me well. 

These lovely irises are from my Mum's garden. They are just too beautiful. The deep purple black are by far my favorite and I actually had some in my wedding! 

My leftovers from our night out. I love seafood....why do I not live near the ocean again? 

This was a giant spider. I had no banana for scale but seriously. GIANT. 
Also Demon Eyes.

Friday was spent at my parents' house taking silly selfies because they have better lighting than me. Also taking pictures of my dad and daughter being incredibly adorable.

Friday night was spent seeing PP2. It was corny and awesome. I loved it. Yes it was super silly. Yes some of it was straight up not believable. I didn't care. The music rocked and it was hilarious. 

Saturday we took on the garage in prep for the upcoming garage sale. We freed ourselves of a pool table, a couch, a chair, and an ottoman. SO MUCH MORE ROOM! I can't wait to purge more! Also we found the Giant Spider again....

My parents were out and about the other day and saw a lady throwing out a Little Tykes slide and some chairs. My dad asked her about them and she gave them to him. She asked who the slide was for and dad explained it was for his granddaughter. She then told him she had something else he might like...and that is the story of how Kyra ended up with a Little Tykes playhouse...FOR FREE. 

Sunday was spent doing laundry and cleaning. Then it was off to a surprise birthday party for one of our family friends. So much fun and she was VERY surprised! I have no pictures however because Kyra had not taken a nap and was keeping me busy. Also I was visiting and I prefer not to whip my phone out just for the sake of picture time. Sometimes you just gotta be in the moment! 

So that is what has been going on here! I tried to catch up and comment on blogs Saturday night and hopefully I got to everyone! I will be back in action the rest of the week! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 


  1. Banana for scale = redditor detected. Lol! Those spiders are terrifying, but I'm glad to hear a good review of Pitch Perfect 2. I'm probably going to go see it sometime this week!

  2. Uhhhh.. that spider is a big cup of NOPE. I should totally watch both Pitch Perfects. Add that to my list of movies to see, lol.

  3. You guys gave each other great gifts. Happy belated anniversary. And that seafood dinner - yum.

  4. Loved PP2, also! My daughter was going with a friend and I asked to tag along. I'm sure when it comes out on DVD, it will be added to our collection. Selfie lighting = important!


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