Weekend Update on May the Fourth

Good Morning Everyone, 

First things first, Happy May 4th, 

Now that that is out of the way, on with the update. 

Friday- Low key type day. My brother spent the day hanging out with me and then he and I and my husband played a few games and just in general chilled out. I also managed to get a lot of work done on my little garden. We've lived here for four years now but I never really messed with outside. I'm not really an "outside" type person, but my Mom and MIL gave me some plants and so I thought why not? I rather like it..now I just need some bricks or rocks for a border...

Saturday- My cousin's birthday party. It was Monster High themed but the thing that she was most excited about getting was these Shopkins things. Admittedly I am not up to date on all things 8 year old but it took me a bit by surprise just how excited she was to get these things! 

Also I find them adorable as well but basically I like anything that looks remotely kawaii. (Update: Robert thinks they are creepy.)
(This is a kawaii panda...see so cute!)

The rest of Saturday was spent being lazy because Kyra was so exhausted from the party. She napped and my husband and I spent the time watching movies/reading. It was blissfully uneventful. 

Sunday- My parents offered to keep Kyra so we could go and see Age of Ultron! 

We went to an early showing so that we could avoid the crowds and I am really glad that we did. Our theater was still full but not overwhelmingly so. 

The movie was good and really funny. Definitely had some good one-liners and the sass level was off the charts. Joss Whedon was taking me back to my Buffy days with all the quips. Loved it. Two thumbs up!

After the movie we headed to the dreaded Walmart. However I had a list and actually took the time to make a meal plan ahead of time! So not only do I have the meals for the week planned but we managed to get in and out of there in record time and actually didn't spend nearly what we normally do! I realize how good meal planning is for me and I will attempt to continue. You all remind me of this when I'm whining about it later okay? Thanks.

The whole time we were out my parents were taking Kyra out for a day of fun! I kept getting cute pictures like this! 

But when we got back to pick her up she was ready to come home and took an epically long nap the rest of the afternoon! 

Our evening was spent grilling out, watching Food Network, followed by what is turning out to be the most boring season of Game of Thrones.  (I've read all the books, I know they are trying to stretch for time but UGH so slow!)

So there you have the weekend update! How was your weekend? Did you go see any movies? Did you see Age of Ultron? Did you like it? Let me know down below!


  1. I haven't seen the most recent episode of GoT, but with the other ones I'm not feeling like it's too slow. There's a lot more plot stuff going on and less gore, but that is fine with me. I always have to hide my eyes when people are being flayed and tortured and burned alive, anyway. I'm so surprised that people keep saying they don't like it!

    As for Age of Ultron, I must have had my head in the sand, because I had no idea another Avengers movie was coming out. I need to get caught up and go see it!!!

  2. Good work on the meal planning! I need to plant this week.

    I'm not really an in the theater movie person.

  3. Age of Ultron: needed more Loki
    GoT: just make it stop already! The books were too long and I can't even keep up anymore. (I feel similar to this about Grey's Anatomy too and I'll watch till the end because i'm so invested at this point.)


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