Chaos by the Numbers

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today's post is inspired by one that Brianne did and the Steph also did! I thought it was a fun type of post and I wanted to see what some of my numbers were! 

First off I need to explain that the number 12 is my number. It comes up all the time. It's my favorite number. Just look....

12- Letters in the Hawaiian Alphabet (I'm part Hawaiian for those that didn't know) A,E,I,O,U,H,K,L,M,N,P,W

12- Letters in my married last name (seriously)

12- The day of the month we got married

12- years we've been together this year
(Taken at After Prom 2003. We are babies.)

12- years I've been out of school

12- The month I was born (24 is of course the double of 12 and I was born on the 24th day) 

Now for some other numbers!

4- Devices my husband has to carry for work (2 phones and 2 pagers) 

1- Broken Bone

3- Dogs of my own

6-Dogs at my parents' house (5 of which I'm to blame for...or thank for!!) 

3- Years we've been married

28- Eyeshadow pallets in my vanity

6- Lip products in my purse

2- How old Kyra will be this year! 

This post was a lot of fun....again 12 is my number! I'm also partial to the number idea why! 

Share some of your numbers!


  1. That's fun! Most of the people I know like 3 or 7, so at least your number is different! I don't know if I really have a reoccurring number. I'd have to think about it. I do like patterns, though! In the past couple years, my 2 sisters, myself, and 2 of our significant others have broken a bone. Of the couples, each has has one ankle break and one wrist break. The 3rd single sister had an ankle break, so we told her she can only date men who have had a broken wrist, in order to complete the pattern. She also has to date a guy who's 2 years older than her, because each of us is 2 years apart, and the 2 of us with partners have a 2 year gap with them, as well. (Not really, of course, but wouldn't it be fun?!)

  2. 12 is certainly your number!

    I liked reading this!

  3. Loved this!! And love the 12 references in your life. My last name has 10 letters and I thought that was long!


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