Thursday Thoughts 12/18

Good Morning Everyone,

Today's Thursday Thoughts: 

1. It snowed last night. 

2. My house is a wreck.

3. I have a billion presents to wrap. 

4. My Christmas cards are sitting here, all filled out, not mailed. 

5.  Potty training is weird, yet amazingly...going well.

6. This is not the post I had planned today. 

7. Whenever I start working on my blog Kyra gets her laptop ( a non working one that we had lying around) and starts typing as well. My heart may melt from the cute. 

8. I have the strongest desire to bake ALL. THE. THINGS. 

9. My To-Do list seems to be getting longer and not in fact shorter.

10. It Snowed. 

Happy Thursday. 


  1. I don't want to bake anything, but I'm happy to eat it all. I will be wearing a muu muu by January 1.

  2. haha it snowed! yay you getting some snow. How cute is Kyra that she mimics you typics. Little kids are the best! When you bake all the things you better post pics of all the things!

  3. Potty training IS weird. Like, how do you teach your body NOT to go to the bathroom at will?!?! hahaha


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