Since I turned 30...

Good Morning-ish Everyone,

So it's been a pretty busy week since I turned 30....actually it hasn't even been a week yet but it has been super busy all the same! 

So here's the recap of the Chaos that has been: 

Christmas Eve (aka Birthday Day): 

Awesome gift from my husband: 

I drank this awesome vodka/wine hybrid that looks like a galaxy in a bottle

Oh and my Brother in Law found some abandoned puppies which I took in and three of which are now camping out in my kennel until I find homes for them! Puppy number four went home with my BIL as a Christmas gift for his family. Her name is now Noelle. (She was the tan one) 

Christmas Day: 

Awesome Christmas Presents were given: 

(About died when I opened this. IT. IS. AWESOME.)

(Yes I have a product problem...but look at the awesome organizer Bobby got me!)

Kyra melted everyone's heart with her adorable reactions to her gifts.

Then it was family time with more presents, more fun, lots of laughter.

Friday and Saturday were a blur of shopping, visiting, post Christmasing, and taking naps in the shoe department of Kohls. 

Sunday was our Christmas with my grandparents and Dad's side of the family. More food, more fun! (And Sunday Selfies)

Sunday afternoon was spent attempting to organize the chaos made in our home from all the fun but really all we got done was a little cleaning and a LOT of just vegging out and trying to recover! 

Yeah.....Chaos as normal around here!


  1. How cute are those puppies. So nice of you to take them in! Glad you had a good holiday!


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