Tumbled Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone,

Okay so I'm going to be REAL honest here.

I had NO IDEA what to blog about today. I've got the rest of the week planned but for some reason Tuesday had a big old empty space.

So I thought I would do something I had not done before.

I'm gonna share with you my Tumblr Favorites. Maybe it is silly but since I joined Tumblr I have made a habit of laughing out loud to the point of snorting. My husband is constantly looking over at me in confusion as I cackle on about things. Also there is just this HUGE amount of awesomeness.

So here are the ones that had me laughing like a crazy person last night....


Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

P.S.- I have no idea where are the owls came from....I just like owls. 


  1. That owl is so funny! I never really got into tumblr but its hilarious I hear


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