Confessions 12/10

Good Morning Everyone, 

Welcome to Confession Day! 

So I legit completely forgot to blog yesterday! I actually had a post planned and everything ready to go and then I just forgot! Seriously I was sitting in my bed at midnight last night (knitting) and suddenly it occurred to me that I didn't blog! Oops. 

We've been binge watching American Horror Story: Coven for the past two days and it is just awesome. That show is all sorts of messed up and yet I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. 

I confess that Ulta is killing me right now. They sent me a 20% off EVERYTHING coupon...even prestige cosmetic lines! I wanna go buy things! I'm on a "no buy" however because my birthday and Christmas...but....oh I want all the things! 

I confess that I am SO BAD when it comes to presents....I just want to put everything we bought Kyra up so that she can play with it! I have to keep reminding myself how awesome it will be Christmas Morning is seriously so tough thought! #thestruggleisreal

I confess that I am going to be working on a hilarious Christmas post for tomorrow. I really wish I would have vlogged last weekend so you could have been part of the hilarity that happened, but trust me, it will still be a good read! 

I confess that I am SO EXCITED for this weekend! My friend Amanda is coming in to visit and I cannot wait to see her face! She is so super awesome and we are going to rock this weekend. There will be wine involved.

That's it for me today. Now it's time to get to work on more Christmas stuff! Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Linking up in a new linkup for me! #Hashtaghumpday!

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  1. I am so behind on Christmas stuff. I apparently should have started shopping and baking in Novemeber because I have 2 weeks to go and -ish just isn't getting done.

  2. My husband and I we're obsessed with American Horror Story too! More so the first season than the second. We didn't really finish the second season because it got a little weird. I'm the same way with Christmas presents. I've hidden my husbands present and hoping to God that he doesn't magically find them! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. haha I feel the same about gifts. I always want to give them RIGHT NOW!


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