The Word of 2015

Good Morning Everyone and Happy New Year's Eve! It's the last post of 2014!!!!

Yesterday I posted about my goals for 2015 and today I am sharing with you my Word of the Year. 

I have never done a word of the year but I have seen lots of other bloggers do it and for 2015 it felt like the right thing to do. 

Here is my Word of the Year: 

I chose this word because it sums up everything I want to do in my life for the next year. I want to be more organized, purge clutter, and live my life just more simply than before. It's going to be the word I chant as I dig through my basement/garage mess and attempt to let go of all the things that I need to get rid of in my life, namely clothing, furniture, and general clutter type things. 

I'm actually really excited about it all and am looking forward to the weight of things being lifted off my shoulders as I let go of what I don't need. It's time to take control and make life just a bit easier on myself! 

Are you doing a Word of the Year? If so what is your word? I'd love to know!!!


  1. Simplify is a good word for every day of every year, in regards to stuff, thoughts, life in general. We complicate things so much. I wish you luck with your pursuit!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thats a great word for the year!! I agree with Steph gosh we just make everything sooo damn complicated! Its good to simplify!


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