Friday Favorites: Birthday/Christmas Wishlist Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Friday!!! Today we are doing our Friday Favorites! 

Today's Favorites are brought to you via my Birthday/Christmas wishlist! It's a random assortment of things on the list that I thought might inspire others if they are looking for gifts or if you are just having trouble coming up with things for your own list!

1.  Bellami Hair Wand-This particular hair wand has 6 different attachments for different types of curls. It is one of the "big" names on YouTube. Super Expensive but hey it's a Wishlist! 

2. Snowflake Rings- I found these pretty things via Pinterest and have yet to find them elsewhere...however I fell in love with the idea of snowflake rings in general. If I see one anywhere I am buying it! 

3. Panda Mugs- How cute are these?! I love Pandas and I do not have a single panda mug! 

4. Glam Glow Set- I have been wanting to try Glam Glow for what seems like forever but it is again a super pricey item. This particular set lets you try three of the four kinds for the price of one! 

5. Urban Decay Vice 3 Pallet-Urban Decay can just do no wrong when it comes to eyeshadow. I need the Vice 3 pallet in my life...just look at those colors!

6. Harry Potter iPhone Case- So I still don't have an iPhone case...I'm a super Harry Potter fan....I think this case needs to be in my life! 

7. Knitting Stuff- I have fallen in love with knitting. I will take ANYTHING knitting related. Bring me all the yarn! 

8. Real Techniques Brushes-  I have a few of these brushes and let me tell you they were game changers. Really great price for high quality brushes and can be found at Ulta, Kohls, and Walmart!

9. Barnes and Nobel Gift Card- Books are life. I know not everyone likes gift cards but I ADORE Barnes and Nobel ones! It helps feed my literature addiction. 

10. Fit Bit Flex- I have heard great things about this little gadget and as I continue on my journey toward fit I think it might be a cool gift to help me along!

So there is my wishlist! Hope you enjoyed and wishing you a fun-filled weekend! 

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. If you go to Glam Glow's website they have a sampler that gives you 1 use of everything... for only $12 - plus it's free shipping! That's what I did. I wasn't that impressed to be honest with you. But it's a good deal for trying it out!

  2. you and me with all the knitting but in my case, crocheting!!! i've been churning out tons of stuff :)

  3. Yay for all these and books are great gifts so Ill take a gift card any day!


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