Monday Mantra 12/15

Good Morning Everyone,

Today felt like a good day for a Monday Mantra. 

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I've talked a bit about weight loss here on the blog, but I try not to go "too" into it because I don't consider myself a weight loss blogger anymore. However I do like to share my struggles and successes because I like to read about them on other blogs and know other people like to read about them as well.

This past weekend one of my best friends came into town. We had an amazing time and even though I have no pictures to prove it (seriously I didn't even bother with my phone) it was one to remember. 

Weekends like that however rarely involve good food choices for me. We went out to eat on Friday and I indulged big time. Then Saturday was like Snack Central. Sunday wasn't as bad but still not many "healthy" choices were made. 

I didn't think about it then because I was like "forget this, I'm going to just focus on the fun and not worry about it. It's just a weekend!" 

This was a breakthrough of sorts. 

Normally today I would be racked with guilt over the things I ate and would punish myself by not eating today or eating as much food as I could shove in my mouth. Stupid I know. 

This morning however I got up, I made my healthy breakfast for Kyra and myself and then filled up my water jug with the intent to guzzle the 60 oz I am supposed to have every day. I didn't step on the scale. I didn't worry that I couldn't get right back on track. Because I can. I can do this. I know that this one weekend of fun won't ruin all the work I've done. I know that today I need to just get back into the swing of things and eat what I know to be good for me. 

I won't punish myself. That is a ridiculous thing to do. 

Instead I choose to push forward. 

I got this. 

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. You go girl. Great attitude. Don't look back - you're not going that way!

  2. Keep pushing girl. The struggle is real I know :)


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