Thursday Thoughts: Excuses, December Goals, 30

Good Morning Everyone, 

So apparently I took a week off of blogging without even really thinking about it. I have lots of excuses but the top ranking two are that I have been really busy and also taking a writing break because finishing my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo was a pretty hard slog and I didn't feel much like writing or being creative. 

Also I've fallen in love with knitting so there is that as well. 

Today I was supposed to link up with Steph on the Choose Your Own Adventure and share my organization adventure. I had planned on working on the garage...that didn't happen. I do plan on working on my closet this afternoon....if I am good maybe I will remember to take pictures and perhaps get a link into the linkup after all....but I wouldn't hold my breath. 

So what was I going to talk about? Oh yes December Goals. 

Here's a list: 

1. The Choose Your Own Adventure goal is to SIMPLIFY. I will be working on this one in a big way, especially because I'm going to have to in order to make room for all of the things Kyra is getting for Christmas....

2. Continue on my weight loss journey. I haven't talked about this much but things are going pretty awesome, I only gained two pounds over the holiday and that is pretty great since I had THREE Thanksgivings to attend...and food is yummy. 

3. EDIT. So much editing to do....

4. Start working on a daily/weekly schedule. Things have been so hectic lately and I think that if I had a set schedule of things to get done day to day it would really help relieve some stress. 

5. Smile, Relax, Enjoy the season. Oh yeah...and turn 30. 

See how I slipped that in there? Yeah I'm turning twenty days. I'm not upset by the biggie really....I'm more just in shock that somehow I will be out of my 20s.....I'm not really sure I'm an adult yet...

Okay so that is it for me. I know this was a weird sort of mish mash post but I needed to get back in the swing of things. I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites also known as What I Want for Christmas/Birthday!


  1. My 30s have been my best decade by far. I've truly loved the past seven years in this decade! Much more than any year of my 20s.

    Good job on the health train! I'm happy for you.

    If you can get to one shelf in the closet this afternoon, consider it a victory. Rome wasn't built in a day! If you meet that one shelf goal and feel like going on, do it! If not, be proud of organizing that one shelf.

  2. I feel the same way about turning 30 (coming up in March). I don't FEEL any different, it's just weird. Then again, I felt weird turning 20, too! :)

  3. Good luck on your December goals girl! You can rock this!


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