In This House

Toys are a part of the decor. There is no room untouched by the toy madness.

It's cold. We like it cold. We have lots of blankets though.

We take gaming seriously. Tabletop games have taken over the dining room.

We also take our Nerd Life seriously. Right now as I write this I see a works of art featuring, Dragons, Batman, Spider-man, and Monty Python.

There is (almost) always sweet tea in the fridge.

Tuesday Nights are for D&D. My husband goes to meet up with his group and my youngest brother and I catch up on Critical Role. 

Dog hair is just a part of the decor. 

The soundtrack is currently Peppa Pig during the afternoons. 

 There is always coffee....even though only one of us drinks it. 

There is always some form of booze...even though we only drink it when friends come into town. 

Pajamas are always acceptable attire. 

Story Time is usually hours long. 

There are hugs, kisses, fist bumps, and ouches.....and so much love. 


  1. Love reading these!

    Dog hair is of course part of the decor here as well. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. What a lovely post! I love comfy blankets, and pajamas, and a cold house...and of course, for me, animal hair is everywhere!


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