Hello Summer

It's time to share my Summer Goals with you all! (I totally missed the linkup last week....oops!)

Meal Plan- I am so bad with this. It is really hard to do when your husband only likes the absolute worst things for you (fried things), doesn't eat condiments or spices, and the only vegetables he will touch are the only ones I don't like (green beans). However I want to make sure that Kyra is getting the nutrition she needs and I want to do better by myself as well. So planning is going to be a big focus to make sure that everyone is getting something...without relying on fast food out of frustration!

Budget and begin to reduce debt- We have been working on getting our finances all together and being good adults. Now it is time to put things into action!

Meet my daily step count every day- I have been nailing this one so far this month and I want to keep it up all summer! I love seeing that I met or exceeded my goal each day!

Complete the 30 day Shred again- I found this DVD while searching for something else and I think it is about time I gave it a go again. I always love how I feel after completing it....even if it is a beast to get through!

Enjoy the summer with Kyra and not be worried about the things I don't get done. Not every day has to feel like a sprint to the point of exhaustion trying to get as much done as possible. It is okay to take it slow and just enjoy the moments. This past weekend was a great example of that. We had so much fun and I only took one picture. I spent more time just enjoying than worrying about capturing that enjoyment! 

What are your goals for this summer?


  1. the best thing i love using is the crock pot! i also made my own things (before my husband started following my eating plan) and he made whatever he needed to and i made my own. kayla ate what i ate (her choice) so i wasn't worried about her nutrition :)

  2. I slack way off the meal planning in the summer. Or should I say I simplify it? Either way, it's my toughest season. So good luck!

    I tend to let a lot go a little more in the summer.

  3. I love that last goal. Enjoy the summer and not worry about things that don't get done. While it's great to have goals, it's absolutely necessary to just relax and take it all in sometimes.
    I hope you have a wonderful time.


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