Confession Day~ brought to you by the Emporer!

Good Morning Everyone,

Vodka and Soda

It's Wednesday....Let's do this.

...I confess the reason I have been hiding out and not posting is because the 5K. It totally did not happen. One due to the horrible weather, I was not going to take my daughter out there. Two because both of my running buddies had horrible migraines due to the horrible weather. Oh well I got a free T-shirt.

...I confess I felt guilty about it for like....a minute... before I just told myself to go back to bed. (It was 5am on a Sunday)

...I confess that I want to punch my husband in the throat when he hands me the baby and clearly she is soaked and/or stinky and then acts like he had no idea. Seriously?

...I confess that I cried multiple times over Robin Williams.

... I confess that I lost it several times while on Facebook because people are using his death as a political soapbox. Damn it people can't we just grieve? Why does everything have to be a statement? Ugh hate Facebook....

... I confess that I spent ten whole dollars on myself on Monday. I had hit a weight loss goal (I'm actually kicking ass at it lately but that is for a Monday Post)  and I wanted a reward. I have told no one but I bought two of the OPI nail polishes from last week's favorites. They are still in hiding but every time I see them..I just...

...I confess that this post had started out as a gloomy one until I started looking at these Gifs. The sheer power of sarcasm and hilarity. 

Okay kids I'm out of here. Happy Wednesday Everyone! 


  1. Gifs always make me feel better. Yeah I totally get what you mean about Robin Williams' death being used by others for their own demonstration. I must admit, I didn't cry but I was somber for most of the day, does that count?

  2. Dont beat yourself up over the 5k there will always be more races!

  3. i would have handed the baby back and shouted: FRESH DIAPER PLEASE!

    as for the 5K, i'm not doing my mudder race this weekend because i sort of forgot about it until recently and i did it last year so i already proved myself LOL

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Um, I've tried to convince friends to cancel when it's that early. Succeeded when it was COLD last November on Thanksgiving, because getting up early and running in the cold in Florida is never good for this girl. I definitely teared up whenever I saw stuff about Robin Williams yesterday.

  5. I cried over Robin Williams too girl. What can I say? He was a big chunk of my childhood! Hey, at least you got a free t-shirt, those are always fun ;)

  6. oh i freaking love the emperor's new groove! fabulous gifs. yay for getting a weight loss goal, you totally deserved it!

  7. I got sick before a 5k, but I had my husband go pick up our shirts anyway! I signed up, I want my shirt! :)

  8. Hahahaha loving these gifs - it's like a long lost movie in my book. I feel like I need to rent it or find it on Netflix now!

  9. I am totally hating Facebook too lately because I feel like everyone is always trying to make a statement...UGH!!!

  10. You win extra internets for such awesome gifs!

    There's always more 5Ks to do and YAY for hitting goals!

  11. Just sign up for another 5k! Don't let this one demotivate you :)

  12. These gifs had me cracking up. Dont worry too much about the 5k there is always another time.... and 5 am is really early. haha


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