Thursday Randoms

Good Morning Everyone!

First off, you all rock! I was jumping up and down with joy at each and every comment yesterday! The Emperor was a huge hit and I am so glad you all enjoyed!!! Also if you were looking to make my whole week brighter well....

Okay so today I didn't really have a post planned so I thought I would do a bit of random that is going on in my life. 

1) My daughter has fallen in love with these socks. They are my workout socks (and they are clean BTW) and for some reason she has taken to carrying them around the house. Weird. 

2) I got a hat (actually my Mom bought it for me). I have no idea why other than it looked good on me. I don't know where I am going to wear it. I love it anyways. 

3) I had no idea that Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist was a book first. I grabbed it at the library, so far am really loving it! 

4) I am debating on doing a post about what it is like to have 8 dogs in the house. It's madness basically, but still funny. Also I totally want to keep a puppy....but SHH don't tell. 

5) I actually managed to get through my Blog Lovin' Feed and comment on some blogs! 

Okay that's it for me today! Happy Thursday Everyone! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! 


  1. I think this 8 dog post is a must! I have one and a cat and it is chaos I can't imagine 8 all at once!!!

  2. I love your hat!! And do the post. I once had 11 dogs growing up. I shit you not.


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