Confessions 8/6

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is Confession Day and I will get to the funny stuff in a moment, but first....

Apologies for no post the past two days. Monday I was hobbling around with a pulled muscle in my hip and trying to clean my house so that people could come look at a puppy. They didn't show because the wife went into labor. Legit reason! Anyhow I was so exhausted from hobbling and feeling like crap that I just didn't get to the computer to post.

Tuesday....ugh Tuesday was awful. I was woken up by my phone going off and when I answered it was my Dad. My brother got into a car accident. The lady rear ended his car and totaled it, but Thank all the powers that be, my brother was okay.  Anyhow my Dad was at work in the city and wanted me to go and get my brother from the scene. It was only a couple miles away from my house so getting ready at the speed of light, the baby and I were there to get him within less that 15 minutes. The rest of the day was spent getting Bear (my brother's nickname) checked out at the ER. He injured his Trapezius and messed up some nerves in his neck, but other than that checked out okay. Mom and I picked up his meds and took him home and took care of him the rest of the day. I am so thankful that everything turned out okay because honestly it could have been a much worse situation.

So there you have it, Why I was MIA the past two days!

Now let's move on to lighter things and Get with the Confessions!!!

Vodka and Soda

...I confess that on Monday after cleaning I put on "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" the movie and balled my eyes out when the babies were being born. Kyra was asleep in my arms and I was sobbing like a big goober remembering the day she was born. Full on Ugly Cry kids.

...I confess that although we have given four puppies away and only have five left I feel like I am going to die each time. Seriously I cannot handle this giving the pups away business. I am too mushy inside.
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Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

...I confess that SWAMP PEOPLE is my guilty pleasure show. Some of you do Real Housewives or the Bachelor....but not this girl. I have no idea what the obsession is but I LOVE that show.

...I confess that I binge watched Season 4 of SWAMP PEOPLE on Amazon Prime over the weekend when I saw that it had become available. #NoShame
....I confess that I stayed up reading the other night until 1am. I was reading the first Ever After High book. I really am ridiculous.
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Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

...I confess that I shave my legs every other day. Seriously I will get out of bed at 2am to shave if I feel any prickly bits.
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A special thanks to coporolight for submitting this!
Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.
 ... I confess that clean sheets and shaved legs are the

Okay that is it for me. Tomorrow I will be back with an AWESOME linkup/writing prompt series! I will tell you all about tomorrow morning!

Until then, big hugs and stay safe out there! 


  1. Definitely a rough start to your week - and I was the baby complaining over at my blog! Now I feel like I have nothing to complain about, especially because if I was parting with puppies on the regular I'd be even more of an emotional mess. Excited to see what this link up is tomorrow!

  2. Aww I want to see ore puppy pics before they are all gone! PS hope your week gets better :)

  3. smooth legs and clean sheets are theeeee best but I wouldn't be able to get up in the middle of the night to shave, you are one strong willed lady :) Hopefully your week improves x

  4. :( i hope your bro is ok!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your brother. It's nice that his condition has gone stable and he's not in very dire strait, but it would be nice to see him all up and running again. I also hope that his car isn't beyond redemption and that it can be pulled out from its own wreckage and sufficiently be restored. Take care always!

    Jaime Mcgee @ Michael's Auto Body


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