Confession Day: So Long August!

Good Morning Everyone, It's time for Confession!!!

Vodka and Soda

I confess that this weekend at the family gathering I had a wardrobe malfunction. My under wire decided to try and stab me to death so under cover of changing the baby I went to the back room and ripped the sucker out and went without it the rest of the party. Whatever at least I didn't die of blood loss! No one noticed anyway!


 I confess that I spent the entire morning on Saturday hunting for an outfit for the party.

I confess I ended up with three outfits instead of one and thrifty shoppers that my mom and I are...spent less than 40 dollars on all three! 

I confess that I am so excited for RenFest that it is ridiculous.
I confess I made a fairy house to enter in the contest this year at RenFest.
I confess that I didn't actually make it for the contest so much as the two free tickets so my husband, the baby and I can all go and have fun for free!
I confess I am one of those people that gets all excited about Pumpkin Lattes coming back. Not because I will get one but because it means that FALL IS COMING! And WINTER!!!! So long August! So Long Summer!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. Thrift store finds are the BEST. Especially when you can pull a bunch together for a little bit of money!

  2. Thanks for reminding me I need to find an outfit for a wedding...stat!

  3. A Fairy House? I'm intrigued. Tell me more. I'm weird too!


  4. Underwire and bras.... it happens haha


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