The Post That Didn't

Morning Everyone!

Okay so I was going to do a Linkup post today but last night as I was writing it the power went out and I lost it. 

Then I lost it. 

SPNG Tags: Charlie Bradbury / No / Oh hell no / 
Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you don’t have to spend hours hunting them down.

Sorry but after the chorus of "SERIOUSLY!?!?" I gave up and went to bed. This just isn't my week! 

So instead today I bring you and Throw Back Thursday Picture, A Baby Picture, and a Picture of the Puppies. I hope that will satisfy you! 

Tomorrow is the Friday Favorites and then Monday I will be doing a recap of my first ever 5K! Whoohoo! 

(My First Halloween) 

(Yep she is totally my kid, and totally CUTE!!!) 

(Five puppies left! ....Anyone want a puppy??) 

Okay I'm outta here, have a great day everyone!!!


  1. You are right my friend, your kid is very cute! :)


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