Nerdy Girl Confessions: Part 1

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 

It's Time for Confessions! 

Vodka and Soda

Today I bring you a special confession Nerdy Girl confessions. It is no secret that I am a little *cough* okay a LOT nerdy...but just how far down the rabbit hole does it go??? Well here we go....

....I confess that this post was inspired by my super nerdy moment yesterday when Kay over at the Kay Times wrote about Unicorns and how they do not have wings. My response? Yes some do and they are called Alicorns or Pegacorns.....also the Unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland. Yep super nerd right here.

...I confess that I adore Cosplay. I love going to Comic Con and seeing the Amazing Costumes that people come up with. So much time and energy is put into making a character come to life. I love it. 

...I confess that while most people know the lyrics to Disney, I know the lyrics, I know the lines, I know the movies word for word. It is so bad that the only way people will play Disney trivial pursuit with me is if I go last and everyone gets to start with at least two pie pieces. Yep I'm awesome.

...I confess that shows like Face Off and Jim Hensen's Creature Shop are my jam. 

...I confess that Unicorns were my favorite thing as a kid. I LOVED the movie The Last Unicorn and I love it to this day. (Hence my knowledge) 

...I confess I own over 800 My Little Ponies. (I'm still partial to the first generation, though the revival of them isn't too bad, I heart Big Macintosh)

...I confess that I also collect Monster High Dolls. If I were a kid I would totally want these more than any Barbie. It's the perfect combo of Halloween and Adorable! 

...I confess I spend more time watching "Let's Plays" on YouTube than beauty videos. For those that don't know a "Let's Play" is basically watching someone play through a video game. I love watching the horror ones most! (this is one of my favorite Gamers Raedwulf...also Five Nights and Freddy's = TERROR. This video is not safe for work. Click at your own discretion!!!)

So there are my Nerdy Girl Confessions Part 1, there will be additional parts in the future! 

Hope you all are having a good week! We are halfway through!!!!!! 


  1. DISNEY NERDS UNITE!!! No one ever bothers to play Disney trivia games with me or Teh Sister because we're Disney professionals. Anytime I see a Disney board game, I buy it for Teh Sister. We actually went to Disney World this past March together and it was FABULOUS getting to squeal and meet all the characters and diss the new "princesses" and going to a Princess Dinner at Epcot. #sorrynotsorry

  2. i know about allicorns through my 6yr old who loves my little pony. she schooled me hard when i started calling everything a unicorn and she's all NO MOMMY. there are different kinds ...and then proceeded to give me a lesson.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Haha when I saw Kay's post I thought the same thing. I didn't comment because I normally do not jump on the unicorn bandwagon at all..but my thought was "of course unicorns don't fly! Pegasus fly! If they're mixed it's a Pegacorn!" Also, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out where I got "pegacorn" from & I'm fairly certain it was Girl Meets World which the fact that I've watched the whole series so far & will continue to watch it makes me a nerd in itself.

  4. hahaha I about died when I read that first confession! I wrote about Pegasus! In my google search I found out that he flies but I had no clue he was in fact a unicorn. Is he a unicorn??? What a complicated mess! I killed my childhood dreams with one google search so thanks for reigniting them hahahahaha btw Im loving this post!!

  5. I agree, Unicorns exist and if they don't we have enough technology in the world to make them by now lol !

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award

  6. I actually knew that the Unicorn was the national animal of Scotland, although I didn't believe whoever told me at first ha ha. I love Disney! That is a lot of My Little Ponies!! Love nerd posts :D

  7. My daughter would LOVE your pony collection. She loves those things.

    And I know a lot of Disney stuff too, thanks to my daughter.

  8. YES! DISNEY! I will most definitely crush anyone who plays against my team in Disney Trivial Pursuit lol. I just can't get enough of the classics!

  9. you and my daughter would get along swimmingly - she loves my little pony and monster high!


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