Confessions: I'm Exhausted

Good Morning Everyone, 

Confession 1: I am writing this Tuesday Evening and therefore it isn't morning at all. 

Let's do this: 

I confess that I actually did have a post scheduled for today but I cancelled it because Monday was crazy. Kyra caught her little toe in the car door and cut it pretty deeply. So we spent about 5 hours at the Doctor's office and then the Emergency Room. It was pretty much one of the worst moments ever. Kyra is fine and they sealed up the cut with what is essentially super glue. She is bouncing around just fine today so that is a huge relief. So yeah, blogging just didn't happen.

I confess that all I wanted to do yesterday was get out of the house for a bit. That will teach me. 

I confess that I nearly passed out when Kyra was hurt. I never pass out. I was so upset that I couldn't immediately fix her. Normally I am super strong and after a moment I got myself together but when she was screaming and there was nothing I could do I felt faint. It didn't help that it was about a billion degrees and humid as all get out. 

I confess my parents are pretty much the most amazing people ever. They are such good grandparents and they were so helpful with all the doctor stuff since I was focused on comforting Kyra. 

I confess that the waiting was the most INFURIATING thing ever. I did not understand why it took so damn long....not to mention they kept getting it confused with her finger? I never once said it was her finger....WTF? 

I confess I have MAJOR respect for medical personnel but I was FURIOUS that it took so damn long and that they couldn't get anything correct. They kept marking our room as "cleared" so that the lady who wanted all our payment info kept coming in before we ever saw a doctor. Yep I get it you want my damn money, YOU WILL GET IT ONCE YOU TREAT MY BABY. She came in no less than three times before we ever saw the doctor. (which took place over the span of an hour and a half once we were even IN the ER and not just in the waiting room)

I confess that after all that I was just at a loss when I tried to bring Kyra home and the road was blocked due to a fire. No one was hurt in the fire but there was no way for me to get to my house either so I had to turn around and stay at my parents last night instead. Not a huge deal but after the day we had Kyra and I didn't really sleep all that well. We were missing home. 

So that brings us to Tuesday afternoon. Kyra is happily sleeping and I am just trying to push through until bedtime because if I nap then I won't be able to sleep tonight. I'm exhausted and I'm planning on finishing this post up, hitting publish, and then curling up with Netflix and hot tea for the evening. 

Happy Humpday Everyone.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. Oh no poor Kyra. Glad shes ok though. Hugs girl!

  2. Your poor girl! That's so frustrating with the ER stuff and doctors. You'd think for a cut they could get you in and out more quickly!

  3. oh my goodness! glad she is okay, that sucks! i can't imagine how frustrating that is. a huge reason i want to move back home because the health system here sucks lol

  4. I am TERRIBLE with blood. I can't see it. I can't talk about it. I can't watch Dr or hospital shows on tv that show any kind of procedure. I would be so scared to be a mom when something like this were to happen. I'm so glad to hear that Kyra is okay. I give you permission to have a drink and a nap ;)

  5. Booo for all of these things. Hopefully the rest of the week goes better!


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