Easy Games to Play (instead of CAH)

Good Morning Everyone,

It's no secret that I love Tabletop Gaming. 

Seriously we have gotten so far down the rabbit hole that I'm pretty sure we are past the point of no return. 

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite games that are both 1. Fun and 2. Easy. 

Also 3. They are not Cards Against Humanity. 

I have no issues with CAH. Actually I get a huge kick out of playing and basically all my friends are terrible human beings that love it as well. However I know it isn't for everyone and I know that sometimes you just don't feel up to playing CAH. So I have a few recommendations for you! 

1. Sushi Go! - This game is super quick and fun. Great for traveling as it comes in a handy(and ADORABLE) tin!  The object of this game is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they pass by. You score points by grabbing the best combos of sushi. Either gathering the most maki rolls, a set of sashimi, or matching a set of tempura. Also you want to be sure to collect dessert through all three rounds otherwise you will lose points at the end! A new game to our set but one of my favorites as it is so simple! But be warned you are going to CRAVE sushi by the end!

2. Dixit- This game gets really hilarious if you have inside jokes. Basically the first player describes a card in their hand. Each other player picks a card that they think fits the description. All the cards are put face down on the table and mixed up. Then they are flipped. All the other players try to pick the card of the first player. Points are awarded for those that guess correctly. However if someone picks your card instead of the first players card you get extra points for being sneaky!

3. Resistance- A game of lies and deception. Ever screamed(while laughing hysterically) "You are a LIAR AND A CHEAT!" at one of your friends? Well this is the game that makes that the most likely of scenarios.  Some characters are part of the resistance. Some are spies. You have to complete missions without the spies sabotaging you. Here is the kicker. You have NO CLUE as to who the spies are. You have to try to suss out who is a lying traitor and who is loyal. It's awesome.

4. Love Letter: Batman- This game is really fast paced and REALLY simple. Basically you are just trying to beat out each others hand by using the effects listed on the cards you have in your hand. Some just beat you out by the number value (think WAR) and some have other special effects that can take you out. It's Batman themed so therefore it is epic.

5. Gloom- I love this game. Each player gets a set of cards that make up a family. The object of the game is to make your family as miserable as possible and eventually kill them off. However you are also playing against the other players. They are trying to make their families miserable as well but they are also trying to make good things happen to your family thus taking away your points as you make them miserable. Once a family is deceased  you add up your misery points to see who won. The best aspect of this game is the stories that you tell as you explain how the tragedies outlined on the cards befell them. Very punny and hilarious. Tons of alliteration as well. Great for those with dark senses of humor like myself!

Hope these suggestions where helpful! Let me know if you end up playing any of these or if they are ones that you already own! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. This is an awesome list! I will have to try some of these. We just got a new card game called Exploding Kittens. By the looks of this list it sound right up your ally. And it is HILARIOUS. Each card has a cartoon on it with ridiculous captions. There are action cards to play against each other, filler cards and of course exploding kitten cards!

  2. I'm totally interested in Gloom. Have you ever heard of Killer Bunnies? Another awesome card game where you try to kill off each other's bunnies. I've only played it once, but I'd totally play again.


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