More Blogging Confessions

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I'm going to do some more Blogging Confessions. Specifically things that irritate me about blogging and blogs in general. 

Here we go:

-I confess I hate blogging giveaways where you have to follow about ninety blogs to enter. One to three is fine but honestly....ten to twenty is just not worth my time. Seriously even for free stuff.

-Speaking of my feed. I LOATHE Bloglovin's sponsored posts popping up in the middle of my feed. I get it they need to make money blah blah blah but I hate it. I am aware of UGG boots. Seriously have been aware of them since 2009....I don't need an ad for them in my feed. Stop it. 

-I confess I love comments. I love to leave comments. But I really dislike Disqus comments sections. It never logs me in correctly. It always acts up and screws up my post. It's to the point that if I see you have one...I'm probably just gonna skip the comments.

- I confess it makes me so sad that there is no more Google Reader. I loved Google Reader. I only use Bloglovin because it was an easy transition. I don't like it though. It always screws up and isn't really user friendly in my opinion. Plus they play favorites with their "suggestions".

- I confess that Google Plus is stupid. Even YouTube knows this. Give it up. It's never going to happen.

-I confess that I get really sad when a blog goes full on sponsored. I started following you because I wanted to know about you. I wanted to know your story or I thought you were funny, or you were just plain informative. However when every post is suddenly sponsored...when you are pushing product...when you are constantly selling ad space...I stop following.Why did you do this? I know we all wanna make a buck but seriously? EVERY POST?

-I confess I don't like lack of closure when I blog just goes dark. Where did you go? Are you okay? Did something bad happen? I need something! I worry about those blogs that suddenly disappear and wonder about the people behind them....In my twelve years of blogging this has happened a lot. It always breaks my heart.

So what are some your blogging irritations?

Happy Humpday Everyone. Be sure to Linkup!

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  1. I laughed so hard at all of these. Did you get into my head? Bloglovin sucks monkey balls sacks; I dont mind Disqus but I do feel you on the log in and I hate when my faves disappear. I get genuinely sad haha

  2. I loved Google Reader and I still miss it. On the flip side of google, few things piss me off more than Google Plus.

  3. Oh my gosh yes to all of these! Cap the prize giveaways for sure, and disquis and bloglovin both give me anxiety. Why can't they just be easy?!

  4. This was fantastic! My favorite- giveaways! I used to take the time but if there are too many things to follow I don't even bother with it anymore. It just gets obnoxious. Oh and I skip past post that start off with collective bias.

  5. All of these apply to my life. Sans the bloglovin' one. I have the widget because lots of Gentle Readers use it, but I personally use Feedly. No sponsored craps! I was able to roll my Google Reader (may it rest in peace) subscriptions over to Feedly right as it Reader was end-of-life-ing. Sometimes I see some formatting/layout issues, but it's not so bad. It's not Google Reader (may it rest in peace) but it does the job. Also, fuck Google for taking away one of their best products leaving so many people with holes in their heart. Reader was seriously one of the biggest morale boosters when I was in GTMO and Bahrain. Usually the internet blocked certain sites if you went straight to them, but I could subscribe on Reader and be able to see them!!! Magicssssss.

  6. Ugh! Their stupid sponsored posts drive me NUTS! I get that they need to have ads or whatever, but can't you put it on the sidebar instead of right smack dab in the middle of our feeds? It's never anything I'm interested in either!

  7. I pretty much agreed with all of these except I don't mind disqus as much as you. I fell for following 20 blogs one time for a giveaway, and I still sometimes look at a blog and think "do I know you? why do i follow you? oh yeah, giveaway..." Then, I feel guilty unfollowing, but I didn't really connect to that person.

  8. Or when a blog suddenly goes private and I guess they're only available by invite only? What kind of top secret stuff are you writing about??

  9. Most of these apply to me in a big way, too! Except I use disqus (so I won't anticipate seeing any comments from you on my blog) because basic blogger comments, if I want to know if someone responded to my comment, I have to click the notify box and then I end up getting every single comment ever added after my comment, not just a direct response. Ugh. Too much. But everything else - yes. Very nice. I like your blog.


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