Confession~ Sick Day Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

I am finally starting to shake the cold and Kyra seems to be feeling a lot better as well so hopefully we have finally got this thing out of our house!

Now that we are on the mend I am ready to get some Confessions out there! 

Vodka and Soda

Here we go: 

1) I am usually a pretty big baby when I am sick, however now that I am a mom I don't really have that luxury anymore, it was a bummer and honestly if I had known that my sickness would be so ignored I would have milked all previous illnesses for all they were worth! 

2) When I am sick I always look a little bit like death. I try to play it off though...sorta....

3) I used to be one of those people at work that viewed "sick days" as basically just personal days that required me to cough into the phone a couple times when I called in....I'm sorry but when the sick days WAY out number the vacation days what do you think is going to happen??

4) The most sick I have ever been was when I was pregnant. I had morning sickness and caught the flu at the same time. I was nearly put into the hospital due to dehydration but I forced myself to down fluids as fast as they were coming out because I hate IVs SO MUCH. 

5) Seeing your kid sick and not being able to help is possibly one of the worst things ever. Listening to her wheeze at night and not be able to breathe properly freaking tugged my heartstrings....

6) You know that saying "starve a fever, feed a cold" ? Yeah that's me. For some reason when I have a cold all I want to do is EAT. Comfort food is always my downfall....

7) While I want to eat all the things, I have NO desire to cook anything....therefore usually end up eating my weight in crackers....

8) I get obsessive about washing ALL. THE. THINGS. when we are sick. Seriously I wash the bedding every day and vacuum like a crazy person. You have to get the germs out!!! 

9) I have no less than three vaporizers going in the house. Not even sorry. 

10) All that being said....I really loved the extra cuddle time that Kyra and I had. She is a real snuggler when she doesn't feel well and I was all too happy to curl up with her!

That's it for me today, Happy Wednesday Everyone, See Ya Tomorrow!


  1. Oh man, being sick is no fun. I hope you start to feel better soon! Whenever I am sick I just want to lie in bed and sleep the day away, but now that I am a parents I cannot do that. Kind of bums me out.

  2. I'm that way with sick days...partly because we get 5 personal days & even if we take a "sick" day they pull from personal first so...I will take "sick" days as personal days if need be...and by if need be I mean if I need a break from work.

  3. Ah man sick days :( At least you're getting some quality time with your daughter!

  4. Aw, hope you and Kyra feel back to 100% soon!!

  5. it sucks so much when they're sick and feeling miserable! i hate it when kayla gets a fever; she just lies there and isn't her usual smiley, happy self. breaks my heart! feel better soon.

    you're a trooper for still linking up so thanks for that!
    Vodka and Soda

  6. Oh gosh! Your fun posts never fail to make me burst at the seams with laughter and that one ain't an exception! Flu season is really kicking in and I'm sorry that it has already gotten into you. Anyway, I hope you're doing better today. Don't forget to take lots of fluids. Take care!

    Penny Byrd @ NCEENT

  7. Those bunnnnnniess!!!! I hope you and Kyra are both 100% by now! I am on the mend myself :)

  8. Take it easy! I'm sure that illness will dissipate before you even realized it. Just a few treatments will probably get that dealt with completely in a mere short while. Don't worry. Take care!

    Loura Swader @ US HealthWorks


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