It's Okay!

Afternoon (Evening?) Everyone, 

So this post is going up late because I was busy/lazy and also because I forgot that I did not have it written and scheduled like yesterday's post!

In light of my lack of post (and ideas) I decided that it would be a good day to do a post that I saw over at TheKayTimes forget about a blog post and just "borrow" an idea from another blogger. As long as  you give credit! indulge in a weekend of booze and bad food for your friend's 30th!!! write/blog/read/be lazy instead of doing housework when that baby FINALLY takes a nap! be already writing your Christmas/Birthday wishlist... circle/highlight all the things you wish you could afford from the new IKEA opening (Alex drawers I'm looking at you!) feel a little lost sometimes. write down major plot points on napkins you found on the floor because you left your notebook in the car. put your hair up in a messy bun because you haven't washed it yet. avoid certain household chores because you decided to completely destroy your finger last week.....ick. post your blog post SUPER late because Late is better than NEVER! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! See you with Confession Day tomorrow!


  1. haha girl its totally ok to borrow from another blogger! Ill be doing those posts regularly when Im in a rut anyway! And it is also totes ok to feel a little lost! PS all my blogs are posted at night haha


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