Tutorial Tuesday: How To Build A Fairy House

Good Morning Everyone,

So if you have been following along the past couple weeks you would have seen that my parents and I entered Fairy Houses into the Ren Fest competition. Honestly we just did it for the free tickets but my parents are like SUPER creative and thus they made this thing of beauty....

And they took third place! There were over a Thousand entries and they won Third! They scored some awesome prizes including season passes for next year! I was super jealous because mine didn't place but now I am more determined than ever that next year I will be the winner! 

Anyhow even though I didn't place I wanted to share with you all the steps of how I made my own little fairy house, because honestly I was pretty proud of how it turned out! 

First thing I did was find this little house at the thrift store. It was only three bucks and I thought it was perfect for what I wanted to do! 

Second was to attach some fake moss to the roof top to make it look like it lived in the woods. 

Third it was time for a little bit of paint and then time to attach the bits of shell. I hand placed each one using the glue gun. Only got burned once! Also I made a little door from Popsicle sticks, painted it purple and used a thumb tack for the door knob. The windows are lined with Willow branches.

Almost finished! Just needs a little something....

Tah- Dah! My finished fairy house. Maybe it didn't win any prizes but honestly that is okay. I loved making it and I am really looking forward to next year's competition!


  1. how fun! :) I was wondering how you were able to create that, so thanks for sharing.


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