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So last week was a bit topsy turvy for me. I'm not going into it because it is all personal stuff but today I am back to blogging and I thought I would share some of the pictures from some happy times these past few days. 

The weather has been better around here so I've been trying to make sure that Kyra and I get out and about to explore the world. 
Park time fun; caterpillar, MASSIVE mushroom

Also last week we went to the Renaissance Festival and while it was fun it was also pretty hot that day. Still Kyra was cute as ever. 

Pumpkin Spice is taking over. I don't mind. there a flavor Oreo won't try? 

People keep telling me that avocados are the best. I have never gotten into them. However I was told to try it on toast with red onion, salt, and pepper....and I really liked it. Damn it. 

Now for a bit of fun motivational/inspirational stuff: 
- Nanea Hoffman:

Welcome back Monday. 

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Life According to Steph


  1. i LOVE avocados! i eat them whenever we have them in the store...yum!!

  2. Avocados are good for you! I love them with toast and a little salt.

  3. I've been using avocados on my sammiches instead of mayo (ya know less healthy fat), and yummm.. I've also see recipes about making toast, spread smushed avocado, then add an egg and that's supposed to also be delicious and well rounded because protein, healthy fat, and then some grains. I tried it sans the egg and I was pleased.

    YAY Renn Faire!


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