Friday Five: Random Mix

1. First off this has been going around on Instagram and Facebook all week and I kinda love it, the #3fictionalcharacters. I have seen some really funny ones and some that are so on point. Well I thought long and hard about it and these are the 3 fictional characters that I think describe me. 
Top Left: Sally Owens-Practical Magic   
Top Right: Morticia Addams-Addams Family
Bottom: Belle- Beauty and the Beast

2. I don't really get super personal on the blog. Honestly I don't get super personal in person with how I am feeling....especially if I am not feeling all that awesome. Well here lately I have been kind of in a bad place. I am anxious a lot and stressed. It's been a really hard year this year and I am just trying to keep up while hoping for the best outcome possible. I feel like I am down the rabbit hole but I am making some changes and I hope that soon there will be a little light. 

3. It's "officially" fall but the weather here doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. The mornings are starting to cool off though so that is something. 

4.I have been working on blog posts lately but it is taking forever to take and edit pictures. I do have some cool stuff planned for both this blog and for Geekish coming soon.

5. I have started some other projects as well one of which includes a costume for RenFest! I am so excited because my friend Amanda is coming in and she is dressing up as well! I can't wait to get it finished and share the end result with you all!
Super Blurry Sneak Peek!

That's it for me this week, Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


  1. It's hard to be down the rabbit hole then come here and not discuss it - even though not everything belongs online it feels like a double life or something? I've been there. Hang in there my friend!

    I love Practical Magic. Sally Owens is awesome. I love Morticia too.

  2. i don't get too personal on the blog either (at least i don't think so?). i would never air out my dirty laundry, that's for sure but sometimes it's hard and you want to for the release. hang in there; hope things turn around fast!


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