Things Before I'm Thirty

Good Morning Everyone,

Man I love Linkups! I found so many new blogs yesterday! Also so many new people found me! I'm not going to lie, I danced around every time I got a comment and I made sure I wrote back to each of you! Not only that but some of you continued to email back and forth with me and that just rocked! It's the most interaction I've had with someone other than the baby all week! (My husband has been working late nights)

So THANK YOU all for coming to view my page, THANK YOU for the comments and the support. This is one of the reasons I love blogging, getting to meet new people that I might never have met otherwise! I'm so happy I get to follow along with you all on your blogs and so honored you would follow mine!

Okay enough mush....on with the post....

Today I thought I would share with you all a list. A list of things that I want to do before I turn thirty. Now I turn thirty in December so that does not leave me a whole lot of time but I still thought it would be fun to have a list and it gives me great material for blog posts!

So here we go!

1) Knit a scarf or other some such thing. I got a knitting kit from my Mom for Christmas and I really enjoy knitting! However I have just been working on stitches over and over and haven't really made anything yet. I take it apart and start again but I think I am ready to actually put something together!
Applies to a myriad of nerdy past-times, not just knitting :) @Seven Winchester
2) Make my Mom's homemade rolls. These are legendary around in our family and I will master them this year!

3) Finish the first book in my trilogy. And by "finish" I mean finish the rough draft, edit, and finish the final draft. No more procrastination!
you should be writing meme - Google Search
4) Simplify my life. I am so ready to get rid of clutter and all the junk that I have around the house. I do not want to take ALL THIS STUFF the next time we move!
Conquer The Clutter: Week 1
5) Take a kickboxing class. It just sounds fun!
I love the saying above...... It is so me. My kickboxing instructor asks all the time what I am so mad about, b/c I don't hit like a girl.
6) Hit my goal weight. The goal is 135 pounds. I've got a long way to go.....
Yep, yep!
7) Complete Kyra's 1st Year Scrapbook.

8) Be somewhat self employed. I'm a SAHM but I'd like to help generate some income for the household. I'm sure the hubs would appreciate that as well!
A mildly humorous take on a day in the life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM)
9) Read at least 50 books. So far I've read 11...I need to get on the ball!

10) Start a decent YouTube Channel for this blog also since you all raved about it so much, an Instagram and Twitter!

 11) Get into weight lifting

12) Overhaul the blog design around here to make it more "Me"

13) Create a "Beauty" section for this blog for reviews and hauls! I love makeup too much to not have a section!

14) Create a "Book" section for all things book related. Again reviews, suggestions, maybe bits of my own book!

15) Learn to use the bloody camera properly.

Okay so there are fifteen things....I'm working toward thirty but fifteen is enough to get on with at this point! Anyone else have a list of things they want to do?

Yes not every item got a photo, Kyra had had enough of me on the computer and was having a fit. Therefore, you get what you get! 

Big Hugs! Tomorrow is Friday!


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