Thursday Thoughts- Why am I doing this?

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks to all that came over yesterday from the blog hop! I really appreciate each and every person that takes time out of their day to come over and read my little corner of the internet! Big hugs to all of you!

So yesterday I got a comment, which in itself is so exciting and THANK YOU, but as I was reading it, it got me thinking about my reasons for losing weight. What is motivating me? Do I have anything beyond shallow reasons to lose weight? Is it okay to just have shallow reasons?

So since I am a big fan of lists, Here is my list of


1) It may be shallow but, I want to look good, I want to go into my closet and pull out whatever I like and it will fit. 

2) I wanna look good naked. Enough said. 

3) I want to be healthy and fit. Meaning I want to be able to run up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I want to be able to lift heavy things without trouble. 

4) Flexibility. I am a pretty flexible girl because I was in dance and gymnastics as a child and that really helped me to continue to be flexible as an adult. However I want to increase that flexibility even as I get older because it just feels really good! 

5) For Kyra. I want to establish a healthy attitude towards food and exercise for her. If I have a healthy attitude toward it then maybe she will too. I never want her to struggle the way that I have, I want her to enjoy food and exercise in ways that I never did. She should be able to benefit from all the things I have learned along the way!

So those are the top five reasons and there are more reasons but they pretty much go along with the five I have already named. It may seem shallow but I do want to look good. I don't want to hide from cameras anymore and I certainly don't want to feel like the FF anymore! 

Now I'm off to play with Kyra  hope you all are having a great one, Big hugs from here! 

Also here is a little Laugh for ya! (This is me....)

HA HA HA... That's me!


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