A horrible day

Morning Everyone,

So today I have a horrible headache and the weather is gloomy and miserable....kinda the way I feel right now.

Yesterday sucked.

Long story short- One of the pomeranians we were watching for my husband's grandmother escaped and got into the road while my husband was walking them yesterday morning. Sammy, the poor thing,  was hit by a car and he did not make it. My husband was devastated. I was devastated. Seriously it could not have been a more miserable awful day. It hurts even worse because it was not our dog but one we had been entrusted to take care of while his grandmother is displaced due to her home having a fire a few months ago. Although I would be sad about any dog. Any animal actually....my husband has to tell me to shut my eyes sometimes when we are driving so I don't see the dead deer and other animals. It always makes me cry.

Now there is just the tiny pom left, her name is Taffy. I am paying extra special attention to her because dog's grieve and I don't want this little one to grieve herself to death. That happens if you were not aware, especially when dogs have been together for a long time.

Today I do not feel any better, I still feel awful about the poor puppy and I am also really angry at the person that hit him because they did not even stop. What kind of person hits a dog and does not stop? A crappy person. A horrible person. Seriously I would have been bawling in the street if I hit a dog and would probably wind up hit myself. Then again I like animals better than people so maybe that is just something that I would do....dunno.

Anyhow I didn't really want to write this post but I felt like I had to, my head is so full of emotion and thoughts that I have to get them out before I go crazy.

I seriously just needed to write the post as therapy. It still hurts but at least I am getting the feelings out of my head and onto the page.

Anyhow, time for me to go, hope everyone else is having a better week.

Hugs from here.



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