Wednesday-Blog Hop/Confessions Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

It is days like today that I am thankful I don't film a whole lot of videos. I have a cold and my voice sounds like I am attempting to speak whale. Not pleasant.
The Best Dory Quotes | Oh My Disney

Today I thought in addition to doing the normal Wednesday Blog Hop I would also do the Wednesday Confessions! I saw these on the blog Vodka and Soda and I must have been living under a rock lately because these posts are hilarious how have I been missing them?? Thus now I want to jump in there with my own confessions because well....everyone loves to know the down and dirty don't they? Does anyone else sing Usher's song "Confessions" every time that see that word? No, Just me? Figures.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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1) You know the saying " Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold" ? Yeah I did that in full force yesterday. Seriously I felt like a bottomless pit of hunger and misery with this cold and the fact that mom's don't get a sick day.
This is so true this year!  So sick of being sick.  We were all excited about the new plan for the gym and bam....another cold bug.  Grrr...

2) I put my vacuum cleaner in "time out" yesterday. I cleaned the thing out, put it back together and then when I go to use it, it clogs again and this time the belt starts to So I took the thing outside and told it that it could face the music when my husband got home.
I talk to inanimate objects.

3) I have watched Billy Crystal's special  700 Sundays on HBO GO three times now. It is so hilarious and heart wrenching. He's Awesome.
The return engagement of Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays opens tonight at the Imperial Theatre

4) I do not get Twitter and Instagram. Honestly I just don't get them....maybe I'm the weirdo but it just seems like they took the worst parts of Facebook and made them their own things....also Facebook. UGH. Sick of it. Pinterest holds my heart. You can follow me here if you like. I pin cool things.
All of us when we 1st joined Pinterest.... Haha! <3 Hi, my name is Donna Reeder & I'm addicted to Pinterest!!! :D
5) I don't know how to work my brother's fancy it just sits there in the bag looking sad. I suck at photos.
 camera fail

6)  I'm a fangirl. SUPERPOTTERLOCK FOR LIFE! And those aren't the only ones.... Why?
I don't "like" I obsess

So those are the confessions this week because Kyra is now rioting in her high chair demanding her release. Hope you all have a great day!

Big Hugs!


  1. I didnt like instagram in the beginning but I love it now! And I like twitter more than facebook. More control!

  2. I must say I love Instagram, but I'm so sick of Facebook too!! And ummm yes...PIN ALL THE THINGS!! :D It's a lifesaver when planning events and building my dream closet. Happy to have discovered your blog through Kathy's Confessions!!! :)

  3. I love Instagram. Twitter I can take or leave. I only go on there specifically to communicate to someone or to throw out a blog post.

  4. OMG that zoom fail!! HAHAHAHAAHAH hilarious!! i can't stand facebook either; people post the most ridiculous things on there!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I have a fancy camera that I don't even know how to work & it just sits in it's fancy bag that I just had to have! Haha.

  6. HAHA I am not good with cameras either.. quite possibly the worst lol! ;)



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