Good Morning Everyone and Happy April Fool's Day, if you are into that sort of thing.

So the other day I saw this pin on Pinterest:
Discipline - fitspo
And it got me thinking. I really lack discipline. Not just when it comes to fitness/diet, but in all things.

I used to be very disciplined, and when I am at my parents' house it shows. I know what is expected at dinner time; I help set the table, I know where everyone sits, I help clean up immediately afterward before going off to do something else. Needless to say this rarely happens in my own house.

However as I was reading this pin and thinking about discipline I realized that this is the reason that I often have so much trouble with my goals. I don't make myself do them diligently. There is no discipline involved actually, just kind of a vague understanding that I need to do this. This needs to change. I need to be more disciplined in the goals that I am trying to reach. This is the big change I need to make.

So that is why the word of the month will be Discipline. I will focus intently on my goals and make sure I am taking the steps to achieve them.

So here are the goals for April:

1) The Squat Challenge- 30 days in the month, 30 days of squats. I will not fail this month!

2) 1000 words a day on the story or at least some form of writing, blog excluded. 

3) Make my dining room clutter free and set up a mail station at the office desk. I am tired of fighting the clutter and I LOATHE when my husband leaves the dining room table covered in stuff, particularly mail.

4) Big Ten- The goal is another ten pounds for the month, I CAN do this.

5) Get outside more- either on walks with Kyra, Taking her to the park, or spending time just out in the sunshine at my parents' place. We need a little more sunlight in our lives!

So there are the goals for the month!

What are your goals for the month? Do you lack Discipline as well? Any recommendations on how to get my Discipline back??

Big hugs to all! Happy Tuesday!


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