Wednesday Confessions~ It's gonna be a long day

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome back to Wednesday/Humpday/Confession day!

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Joining the linkups again today!

So here are my confessions....

....My morning started with poop. Honestly. Kyra had a major blowout that meant we both got a bath this morning, at 6am. Awesome morning so far. 

....My baby brother graduates college this weekend and I have NOTHING to wear. Seriously the only dress in my closet that might fit is a maternity dress and my child is now nearly 11 months Now I have to go clothes shopping....ugh.


....I missed Zumba last night because Kyra had not taken a nap all day and when she finally fell asleep while I was holding her I was not going to move and ruin it. Instead I decided I would just go to bed myself. Whatever, I will go tomorrow.

....I want this pen....

THIS PEN. (gif)

...I have a fridge full of chicken and hamburger that we got at Sam's club and now needs to be broken down into dinner servings and then frozen. I DO NOT like to touch raw meat. I'm avoiding it even though I know it will end up being me that has to do it. Procrastination is my second language. 
 I'm a multi-tasking procrastinator . . . I can put off all kinds of things at once.

...I am not a FROZEN hater but seriously....not worth all this hype. Movie was cute but nothing original. Also the false claims popping up around the web annoy me. Let a full fledged Disney-aholic set the record straight....

 People need to seriously brush up on their Disney. // SIDE NOTE: Everyone says Flynn is the first Disney guy to question why everyone is singing and I'm like HELLO did you forget about Robert when Giselle started singing 'That's how you know'?

 So that is it for me today, Big Hugs to all of you!

Also today is the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls. It is also Wednesday. We are wearing Pink. 



  1. thanks for sharing! not a mother but uch poop start to the day :-| i enjoyed frozen but it wasnt my fave. and i do all my clothes shopping online, i hate shopping with my friends because they are too skinny and perfect and never have to worry about anything being too short or whatever. blah.

  2. omg i've had my share of explosive poops from my kid. luckily they all happened while at home so i could just throw her in the tub and wash her off. i couldn't imagine that happening if we were out somewhere!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. HAHA I totally get the clothes shopping thing.. Oh how I dread it.. Nothing seems to look as good as I want it to!!! And that pen is awesome lol! Frozen is beyond over rated, I dont even need to see it to know that.. Ive heard and seen enough of it to draw that conclusion. No originality..just no! The Little Mermaid was on the other day so I peaked.. and that 'ish is awesome, reminded me of why I loved it so much as a child. Now that's a animation! ;) xoxo


  4. Blah, clothes shopping is never fun when things don't fit right.

    I remember the blowout days! My kids had them a lot.


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